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    I have been running somewhat consistant mileage since the beginning of the year with occasional hiccups (about 35 mpw avg for the whole period, and 45-50 the past 3 weeks), and am planning to run 2 or 3 races as preludes to commencing my training for an October marathon in mid June. One race is an 8K in 3+ weeks, and the 2nd is a 1/2 marathon 4 weeks later. Other than getting some more long runs in the 10-15 mile range in, is there anything else I should be doing to get ready for the 1/2? My achilles heel has really been my inability to run mid-long runs of 60+ or more minutes for a daily workout on a consistent basis. This is something I know I need to improve as I progress into the full 26.2 training.

    I’d like to run around 6:00 pace for the 8K, and better my PR in the 1/2 (currently 1:29), so any guidance you can provide would be appreciated. My current fitness level indicates I should be able to accomplish these goals, but hey, I still want to best prepare so I can meet or exceed them.

    I know, it’s a slow day, and there haven’t been any posts at all, so I thought I’d put one out there, corny as it is 🙄

    Thanks all!


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