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    March 13th, 2004

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    9:00 AM

    Beacon on the Bay 25K

    First race since Thanksgiving and I arrive not sure of my form, and am promptly greeted by 45 degree temps, light rain, and the kicker…20-30 MPH winds!!! Right then I knew that time was out the window and it was going to be a tough run. It was a run most of the way around a Lake and then turn around and come back so the wind shifted several times as the road around the lake turned. I don’t like the wind or the cold, but here I was so I may as well get it rolling. My goals for the day were simply to run smart and stay mentally tough the whole way.

    The gun went off right at 9:00 and we were off. Early on I had to struggle to hold myself back as we ran with the wind and the usual fast guys went by. I must have missed the 5K marker as we were turning into the wind for the first time about then and the going got tough real quick. I plowed through 10K in 47:00. Right about now I’m going on 2 miles dead into the wind and feel like dog meat. I did a pretty good job of staying mentally tough in this section in convincing myself to just keep rolling along and get through that section. I kept running through the turn around in the high 58’s and finally got the wind at my back. This never makes up for running into the wind, but I did take heart at the long line of runners that I ran by as I headed back the way we came (is it terrible that I love watching how many people are behind me???). The next few miles weren’t too bad as I went through 15K in 1:08:57 for a 21:57 split which was to be my best 5K all day long. About 4 miles from the finish we got the wind in our faces once again and the going got real slow. Hit 20K in 1:34:13 for a 25:16 split. Now I’m just trying to survive, but I’m doing a pretty good job of staying positive with myself and staying as strong as I can against this nasty wind. We roll back into the park we started in and make a last lap around the park. I’ve been all alone for quite a while and as I hit the final straight theres no one between me and the line so I floor it for kicks. I’m sure I didn’t generate much speed, but I gave it all I could muster and hit the line in 1:58:05. Not a great time, but for the day and the conditions it was a solid effort. I’m pretty dead from the effort still, but I think it’ll pass in a few days and I’ll be back training again.

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    Good work staying focused in shitty conditions. In races like that you gotta go by effort and it sounds like you put it on line . I hate wind— unless of course it’s a point to point at your back 😉


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    Yeah, nice job. Running half of a 5 miler in that wind sucks, wouldn’t want to try a 25k in it.

    Thanks for sharing your report.

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