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    Tough Race…

    but a good one.  The St Paddy's Day 10 miler is a favorite of mine, regardless of the weather.  The conditions would have been ideal if it weren't for that shifty wind.  It made it just a little too cold and it seemed to be blowing in my face at every turn.  There were really only a few spots where I can remember feeling a tailwind.  Overall I was extremely happy with how I ran today.

    A few of the mile markers may have been off a bit, so here are the splits:

    1) 6:01 (maybe a little long) 2) 5:38 (definitely short) 3) 5:58, 4) 6:04, 5) 6:00, no marker at 6? so 6 and 7 together were 11:59, 8.) 6:04, 9) 5:51, 10) 5:48 = 59:28 This was a huge PR for me, my previous best was 1:02:11 (set in 2005 at the same race.)

    I tried to run an even pace, but I was a little worried when I went through 5 in 29:43, just a few months ago I had never run five miles in under thirty minutes.  Unfortunately I ran most of the race totally alone.  After the lead pack, everyone was pretty strung out.  From mile 3 on I was solo, so I had to push myself.  I guess my training is paying off though, I was kind of surprised that I still had gas in the tank to pick it up for the last two miles.   

    The competition was serious today, I came in 20th and was third in my age group and third for my age group for the USATF-NJ 10 mile championship.  The winner ran 53:?? FAST!  Top 23 guys were all under an hour!

    Its always a great feeling when a race turns out the way you envisioned in your head, todays was even slightly better, I cant believe I broke 60 minutes!!  Maybe the chemo is making me faster ;D  I doubt it, but I do know that I have been running with a different intensity lately.

    Thanks for reading,


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    That's awesome! Breaking the 60 minute barrier so shortly after breaking the 30 minute barrier for half the distance! You're obviously doing great work, keep it up.

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    Great race and to break the sub hour mark for 10 miles is something to be very proud of, really shows that you are putting in the hard training which is so impressive.  I took a look at your homepage and all I can say after I have seen what you have been and are continuing to go thru is that you are a great inspiration!!!!


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    Congratulations. Outstanding job, anytime you set a new PR ( under 1hr Wow.) you know that you all the time and effort that you have  put into your training has paid off. Again great work considering also that you ran most of the race by yourself and had to set your own pace. Keep up the great work. Ski

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    I am just amazed… great job on the race, even with those shifty winds!!!

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