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    Last night, I got to witness my 8th grade son not only better his previous best time in the 1600 (set two nights earlier), I got to see him win his 1st ever race! He ran a very smart race, with the following splits: 81,86,85,88 for a 5:40! Not bad for an 8th grader! He let a kid from another school lead the 1st two laps, then took the lead with about 600 to go, and they sort of see-sawed the last lap with Mike pulling away down the stretch, winning by about 2-3 seconds. And where was I during the race? Right at the start/finish line, calling out lap splits, since I sort of compromised with my son saying that I wouldn’t yell at him during the race. Figured the only way to do that was if I was involved, and they were in desperate need of timers and spotters. It was a lot of fun to watch, and I wonder how much faster he might get, since he has 5 more meets this season. He’s running the 800 tonite at a large invite. He ran 2:38 on Tuesday after running a 5:55 1600 earlier in the meet. I told him that my 8th grade times of 5:30 and 2:29 were certainly within his reach. Of course, if he beats them, I’ll probably claim that he ran meters an I ran yards (which is true)! 😛

    As for me, a nice easy 6 mile run this morning. I’m not really sure if I’m tapering for my race tomorrow, b/c I should be at 46 miles in 6 days this week. So not all that much of a taper. It’s only an 8K, and I know Ryan’s not tapering! Wish us luck!

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