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    Bill Rodgers 1975 training log

    I was thinking of sharing this in a blog post but I probably won’t find a way. I have this link saved and every once in a while go back to take a look at it but was just reminded of it recently.

    1975 was the year of Rodgers’ first Boston Marathon victory and the year before his first New York City Marathon victory.

    The numbers themselves are astounding but, more than that, look at the consistency. Sure, there are down times when he was ill or the weather was impossible (winter in Boston will do that). However, his lowest mileage month was 417. If that’s an off month, you’re hitting it consistently. It goes much deeper than the numbers, though, as good training always does. The workouts, the long runs, the hills. He wasn’t messing around. Even his taper before a marathon and recovery after seem astounding compared to what you see now.

    I’m not suggesting we should all go out and follow this blueprint. However, to see what the human body is capable of and to see the work that goes into this kind of high level success, it’s very much worth at least a scan.

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