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    Right of passage or problem?

    Over the last 2 weeks I have developed my first black toenails. They dont bother me at all really so I havent been too concerned about them. Anyone ever have these things turn into a problem? Thanks for any and all advice,


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    No problems for me with the one toenail that turned black – it just fell off one day. No pain or problems. NIce new nail there now.

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    I wouldn’t really call it a rite of passage but I would also not call it a problem.

    I’ve only had one black toenail and two lost toenails (one was the black one) in my 15 years of running but neither lost nail was an issue at all. Some people seem to think black toenails and nails falling off is just something that comes with the territory with running. I don’t agree with that but I also don’t think it’s a problem.

    If/when your nail falls off and if you feel like your toe is taking a beating, you may want to try to wrap it with some athletic tape for added protection.

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    Agree with Ryan, you just want to make sure black toenails don’t end up sidelining you. I had a black toenail turn into an ingrown toenail which is a very unpleasant experience. Had to have a podiatrist take care of it for me. Bottom line is make sure your shoes fit and trim your nails.

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