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    Since I have started doing longer runs I notice that I get blisters all the time. Now they don’t cause any long-term problems, but it concerns me that if I run more than 6 miles I always get 1-2+ blisters. I use high end socks ( under armor/ nike running/ etc ) and I even use this skin lubricant that supposedly prevents them yet I still blister. I am wondering if this will always be the case or if my body is just re-aclimating to the volume. I am convinced my body either needs a little time to toughen up or that my shoes my have a little slop in them.

    I was curious if any of you have any experience with this type of problem. Thanks for your insights.


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    what kind of lube do you use. I just use gobs of good old vaseline and i dont get blisters anymore

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    These virtually eliminate friction to the skin from shoes.

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    When you say you use high end socks, you mention brands but you don’t mention type of material. I know Nike makes cotton socks and I know the generic brand I use makes Coolmax socks. Focus on material, not brand. If the Nike socks you use are cotton, that’s an issue.

    Other than that, yes, I do get some blisters when increasing mileage. Usually, it takes a bit of time for my feet to toughen up then I’m good.

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    I apologize for my vagueness about the socks. They are all non-cotton. I guess what I really mean to say is I am knowledgeable about the types of socks I should be using and I use only running socks to run in. The lub I use is called body glide.


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    is it possible that the shoes ‘fit’ differently when you do longer miles, that is do you feet swell? or are you running on different terrain, trail seem to cause more movement of my feet within my shoes… heck sometimes the tension on my shoe laces just seems a bit different and I’ll notice the start of a blister…

    I second the Wright Socks… and I’ve used Vasoline on rainy long runs and Body Glide too… and while Vasoline seems to discolor the socks it also seems to work better…


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