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    Other then the usual extra clothes, food, liquids is there anything I should remember to take along for the pre race wait? Do they have coffee?

    I don't want to forget anything, it would be a long walk back to the hotel.

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    i'd bring something to sit on.  a big plastic bag or old “space blanket” would work.  newspaper also works…if it's not raining.  some folks bring those inflatable mattresses that kids use when playing in the water.

    if memory serves, they've got lots of food/beverages there.  the welcome book (which i received a day or two ago) cited the stuff that's available at hopkington.

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    I brought a really small camping chair that just fit in to the provided bag last year.  It was the best thing I brought.  I got to wait in a lot more comfort than sitting on a blanket.

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    This is the first big marathon that I've ever run in. How far in advance do you folks get to the start? and how long of a wait do you have before your wave begins? As I read what you people are saying I'm worried that I'll screw up the pre race for myself. I'm in the second wave so I'm sure that it will take some time to get going.
    Do they have pacers at Boston like at other marathons? This is all new to me and the closer it gets the more concerned I get. Any advise would be a great help. Thanks, Ski

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    hey ski –

    the BAA sent out a welcome packet.  i got mine a few days back.  read it from cover to cover.  it's got lots of good info in there.  plus, you can check out the cool logowear they're selling.

    the welcome packet details the bus schedule, what's available in hopkington and when each wave will start.  there's no pace groups but it does help to look at the #'s of runners around you while you're running since the #'s are based on your seed time.

    biggest piece of advice, enjoy the ride.  i got too “wound up” on my first trip to BOSTON in 2002.  i spent more time being a tourist rather than relaxing (like i would if i were running a marathon at “home”).  that being said, it's an awesome experience.

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    I got my packet yesterday afternoon, that helped with some of my questions.

    I'm getting so excited! I've never been to Boston before & plan to lay low pre race & play tourist post race. I figure there will plenty for my husband to see while I take it easy.

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    got my packet and talked to a co-worker who ran two years ago, she said SUNSCREEN… seems that besides the race time all that extra time sitting outside gave her the worst sunburn she had ever had at a race…

    she also took a small folding chair (cheap) and just left it there…

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    Rita, thanks for the reminder to bring extra sunscreen.

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