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    My bib number is in the low 4000’s. I understand this to mean I will be in the 4th corral. Does anyone know approximately how long it will take me to get to the starting line after the gun goes off?

    Also, there is no order within the corrals right? So the person with bib #4999 could be at the front of the corral and bib #4001 could be at the back? If so, would it be worth it for me to stake out a spot near the front of the corral early? Or does it make any difference anyway?


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    I’d say you should be able to cross the line within 60-75 seconds. In 2002 I was in the 2nd corral and I think it took me less than 30 seconds. No, there’s no order to the corral.

    Normally I’d say don’t waste any extra energy staking out a spot near the front. However, I think you’re in a lot better shape than your seed time. I think you should actually be in the 1st corral. So it might be worth it to get there a little early, so you don’t have to pass that extra 1000 people – which can waste a lot of energy too.

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    my 2002 BAA # was in the low 4000’s…i’ll take a look at my log to see what the difference was between chip & gun times and let you know.

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    Husker, take a look at the results from 2004. If you look at the top 100 for a specific state, you’ll see runners around your seed time and you’ll get a good sense how long it should take to get across.

    Whatever it is, don’t sweat it. Focus on what you can control.

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    There was a 2:15 difference between my chip/gun time in 2002…i was #4126.

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    When I ran in 2000 it took me 2:40 to get me to the start. My bib was 5096. After I reached the start I believe my first mile was quite slow

    (8min+) due to the congestion. One of the down sides of Boston I guess.

    I just barelyqualified in 3:09 something (1st marathon), but ran 3:00:56.

    Fortunately I’m a bit faster now, so if I ever run Boston again I’m be in a corral farther up.

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