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    This story is getting a fair bit of press lately. While it's, of course, a bit gimicky, I think it's kind of cool in a way.

    Zooming through low-Earth orbit at 17,500 mph, Suni Williams completes the standard marathon distance every 5.4 seconds.

    But for next month's Boston Marathon, the U.S. Navy commander will run the equivalent distance on a treadmill — 210 miles (338 kilometers) above Earth in the international space station, and tethered to her track by bungee cords so she does not float away.

    “She thought it would be cool if she gave it a try,” said Williams' sister, Dina Pandya, who will run the race the traditional way with almost 24,000 other runners. “She said, 'I'll call you on Heartbreak Hill.' “


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    I read it earlier and thought is was neat that they emailed her bib to her, after all she did qualify… I hope they let her run it “on the streets” next year if she is available…I'm sure she would like to do it with the rest of the thousands that have to fight gravity…

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    They have been much more lenient in allowing entry to others. I have no doubt that, if she is back on the planet for next year's running and wants to run, they will allow her entry. In fact, at this point, I'd expect to be hearing the story of her “returning” to Boston about a year from now.

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