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    Ran my usual easy 8.2 miles in Central Park today for a first workout.

    I would say this is the best condition I’ve been in going into a marathon training cycle. My fitness is strong and nothing hurts so I’m pretty fired up.

    Plan to follow 18 week Pfitz. Last time I average 57 miles, this time I’m going to shoot for 75 and see where that leaves me. Experimented with more volume in September and I think I’m ready to give this a go.

    Focus for the next 6 weeks is building endurance and getting those long’s in again.

    Who else is running Boston? I know a few of you have mentioned it.

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    sorry bout that

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    I’m also in the best shape I’ve been in going into the “official” training.

    I’m planning on using the Pfitz 18 week, 70 mile plan after using the 55 mile plan last time. Started yesterday with 8 easy miles with 10 x strides. Mondays are normally the off day, but I took Sunday off after the trail race Sat. and I won’t be able to get a long run in next Sunday. I’m a little worried about getting the 8-9 mile runs in next week while in Cancun!

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    I believe I am skipping Boston this year. I am considering doing the Miami Tropical Marathon on Jan. 30, 2005. I will do a the last 5 weeks of the Beck program basically and a two week taper. I will decide this week, as the $75 dollar entry is a bit steep. Top Master gets $250 and a 2:45 took it last year and about 10th overall.

    Spring and early Marathons are difficult to do. Some do well, but it is always a question of how much do you want to pour it on early in the year. Here, it’s just a matter of being able to get in any real fast running through the winter. It makes going to a hot climate a challenge in of itself. I don’t enjoy running inside too much, but if I have to a little I guess I will pony up.

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    I’m considering Grandma’s marathon this spring and will probably follow the last 14 weeks of Pfitz’s 24-week 70+ mpw program. The first 10 weeks are “just” the endurance phase, so I’ll probably stick to my current program for that.

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