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    Please help me: I have been shopping for a treadmill for about 2 months now. I have looked at the True, Landice, Precor, and the mother lode of all of them – the Woodway. I have bad knees- your proverbial PFS many of us deal with. I use the chopat and mcdavid patella straps and I buy the clunker New Balance model. I’ve run on treadmills throughout the years at gyms but I no longer find the gym conducive to my life. I would like a treadmill at home to get on and run and jump in the shower and be done and off to work. I just am so torn!- 🙁 – I want the Woodway. I salivate when I think of the Woodway. It’s just heavenly. If there are treadmills in heaven, they’d only be Woodway. Anyhow, that’s how badly I want on. Problem: least expensive model = $7,000. Ooouuuch. True 550CI under $5,000, True 540HRC with orthopedic belt is my 2nd choice at $4000-ish range. I did not like the Landice – found it too hard…for me. The precor was just okay. I know they pride themselves on the footplant technology they tout. The precor is the best bang for the buck in my opinion at $3000. (all mentioned prices are those at the model I think I could settle with) But I just don’t want to buy the True or Landice or Precor for what they ask for. They are all based on flywheel tech as opposed to airbrush motor tech. But my first priority is shock absorption. I struggle with how much money to put on my knees. My goal is to run on the treadmill 5-6 times a week. I want a treadmill in my home that I see and want to run on. I feel the Woodway is the one but I need your advice. Does anyone have experience w/ the Woodway as far as reliability and support and anything you know about it. I think the 11 mph is enough for me. I don’t need any fancy programs. I just want to put it in manual drive and go. I need some shout-outs from you fellow runners – advise me please 🙂 (Note: i have never been on this forum before; don’t know if I am just barging in and breaking any forum social graces but i have become so desperate in my research that I thought perhaps the www could help – thanks all!)

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    Sluggo wrote:
    Does anyone have experience w/ the Woodway as far as reliability and support and anything you know about it.

    No personal experience with their service but I happen to live just down the road (almost literally) from the American home of Woodway so I have run on Woodways a couple of times and I hear a lot about them. My understanding is that Woodway is as reliable as they go and the Woodway people take pride in their service and keeping all Woodways in working condition. I remember a few years ago going for a run with someone and talking about Woodway with him. He said that Woodway buys back their treadmills from people who want to get rid of them, refurbishes them, then resells them because they take pride in keeping all of their treadmills working and in use. If this is the case, maybe you want to check with Woodway about a refurbished treadmill if you’d be willing to go that route.

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    I’ve tried a bunch of different mills at the club and at Chicago Home Fitness which my buddy owns. Infact they sell used ones I’ll see what they have and I’ll get you the phone number so you can call him. Send me a e-mail if your interested. I personally have tried the woodways and I find them ok . seems like they are not calibrated correctly when I run on them also the individual belt system is not my favorite. We have a true treadmill in our store for customers to try and they like it a lot. I love the Precor I run on at the club which is the 954. It’s alot of cash but it will be the next one I get. If you don’t want a commericial one the 933 is good. I like one that goes at least 11-12 miles a hour. Also the 954 has a 3% decline feature which I like as well. Check out the site above and click on home and look at the 933. I love the belt and board on the precors and have never had any problems. The one in my home has lasted 10 years — I did change the board and belt as it started to slip from a bunch of use.

    I am due for a new one for my house. I spoke with my health club and they will sell you their old ones when they are ready for an upgrade– so I’m waiting for that 954. Try your health club manager as well. let me know if you want that dudes number.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks Ryan for your response. I looked into their certified pre-owned units. Mercury S model used is still $6500 (new is $7855) and Desmo S used is $7500 (new is $9845) – the only 2 models offered reburbished. So, the prices just don’t come down much. I was thinking of a new Widepath at under $7000 (cheapest home model available). I’d sacrifice 1.5 mph compared to a used Desmo S which goes up to 12.5 mph. I don’t foresee getting back to good enough condition to run faster than that at home but I think my husband could get down to low 5 min mi pace easily since his knees are not broken and he is a strong runner.

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    Thanks Ryan and Woody. I appreciate your response and help. I did it — I ordered it!! 😀

    And Ryan, you were right. I pestered the rep w/ questions and he was patient and very helpful. Just worlds apart from the sales guys I talked to at local dealers for True and Landice. Precor had a decent sales guy, to be fair. I wonder if True and Landice know how some of their sales force conduct their sales tactics. It just turned me off. Anyhow, everything I’ve heard about Woodway sounds upstanding and reputable. Ultimately, time will tell. Can’t wait!!

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    6 weeks ago a buddy of mine invited me to do a long run at his club because it was crappy outside. The club was loaded with Woodways. My treadmill experience is limited to my 5 year old StarTrac that cost $1300, brand new. I was blown away by the Woodways. I thought they were incredibly accurate and very smooth. I even looked at purchasing one, but as you know, they’re little pricey. Given that I don’t run on mine a ton, I couldn’t justify it. However, if I ‘had’ to run on my ‘mill all the time, I think it’d be worth the investment.


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    Woody wrote:
    I personally have tried the woodways and I find them ok . seems like they are not calibrated correctly when I run on them also the individual belt system is not my favorite.

    Woody, this statement surprises me. Woodway has a great reputation for high quality, well calibrated machines and one of their major selling points is their unique running surface. You are the first person I heard say they didn’t like the running surface.

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    Yes you guys are right– Everybody I have spoke with likes them . I don’t know why I really don’t like them maybe it’s the one I ran on was a defect. They do feel smooth. I understand people liking them they are very strong and will not shake at a fast pace. I got blown away by the Precor 954 and I haven’t liked anything better since. I did try the Landice at a trade show and it felt good as well as the True. For the price Reebok actually makes one for 1500 bucks which is worth it. I’m a Precor Fan. You would think I’d like a treadmill called woodway 🙂

    I would also like I said check with the health clubs they have some great bargins if the timing is right !


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    I’ve run everything on the YMCA Woodways, from 5:20 pace quarters to MP runs up to 16 miles and 26 mile long runs and hill workouts. I’m no sales rep, but they ROCK. I’m completely envious that someone out there has one in their HOUSE!!! PSKI

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