Can you put heel pads ontop of running insoles?>

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    Hey i was just wondering whether this is possible as im gonna buy some running insoles soon so once and for all pain whilst running will be gone, but i was reading about heel pads and how they too can stop pain on the heel as well.. so can you have both on at the same time or have some insoles got built in heel pads? as you can see they are quite big and i dont know how the gel heel pads would stay in place when ontop of some insoles


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    If you are having heel pain google or YouTube lo dye strap (taping procedure). Heel pads or lifts go under the insole.

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    Possibly. I have always steered clear of adding any kind of insole or structure to my running shoes for fear or messing with its mechanics. Having said that if you are getting heel pain then it might be time to invest in a new pair of shoes or maybe assess your running surfaces. Are you running on hard or soft surfaces? If you can run exclusively on grass then this will do your body a world of good!

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