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    Greetings Hillrunner Community – hopefully some of you remember me postiing from years back.

    I have not competed in a serious race in quite a while.  I guess it would be going on 3 years.

    I am getting the urge to begin competing again at the ripe age of 44.  As my 13 yr old would say “get your balls back dad”.

    I love the fact that there are still names out here that I recognize.  Woody, Double, etc.. You guys are inspiring!

    I found it helpful to share idea's and post training and race reports in the past.  If its OK, I'd like to do the same again.

    My running has been very inconsistent.  As of today, I have not run in 2 months.  I ran in a relay race in Montana in July called the Headwaters Relay which was the experience of a lifetime.  I learned that running against college kids at altitude can be a humbling experience but fun non the less.

    Hope you are all well and look for a post or two from me in the future.


    Since turning 40, I lost the competitive edge for no good reason.  Would like to see if I can get it back and feel good about training again.

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    Steve, welcome back! It's always interesting to see people who have been gone for a while return and see what they are up to.

    No time like the present to start, right? It doesn't do any good to worry about your past consistency, just make sure it's there moving forward. I look forward to seeing you around here rejoining the discussion.

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    Hello Steve,

    I'll be turning 44 next month and there is definitely plenty of competition in our age group and beyond. I had the opportunity to compete in the Master's XC Championships last year and that was humbling and inspiring. Though I trailed behind many men older than me, I found it inspiring to know that if I work at it I might be able to run at a fairly high level for several more years yet.

    Good luck!

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    Andrew A.

    Good to have ya back, Steve!

    ksrunner: are you planning to run the masters race in St. Louis in Feb?

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    Andrew, I had not looked that far ahead yet, but I am sure that KC Smoke will send a contingent. I would say that there is at least a 50% chance that I'll be there.

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    Welcome back Steve!  Maybe you can join dailymile so we can keep an eye on you and encourage you, help you get out there and get that consistency started.

    I am turning 42 this month and I am working on those 6 minute miles.  I am getting closer and should have them in 2013.  You can keep improving even as you age.  I have been setting PRs each year.

    You can do this trust me.

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    thanks fella's, really appreciate the encouragement.  Got out there for the first time today.  Ran for 38 minutes, not sure how far.  Felt good to be out there again although I'm pretty much at ground zero.  Will try to consistenty get out the door for awhile and see how my body reacts.

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    Andrew A.

    Just coming off a seasonal break here, that is about how I am approaching it.  I go for a time minimum and go by feel (no significant concern for distance, I simply guesstimate that for the log), keeping it aerobic yet pushing a section of uptempo if feeling right.  The aim today is to get at least an hour.

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