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    The race was awesome. I didn't run 2:55 and I didn't PR (missing by 48 seconds), however I'm happy with the race. The headwind heading north on Michigan during the last 5k was brutal. Any hope of PRing went out the window with splits of 7:01, 7:18, 7:29 for miles 24 – 26.

    Here are my 5K splits as well as first and second half splits.

    5K 21:09
    10K 42:15 – 21:06
    15K 1:03:17 – 21:02
    20K 1:24:12 – 20:55
    13.1 1:28:45
    25K 1:44:47 – 20:35
    30K 2:05:42 – 20:55
    35K 2:26:58 – 21:16
    40K 2:48:49 – 21:51
    26.2 2:58:57 – 1:30:12

    If you want to read my full report, check it out at

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    Congratulations Zeke!  Just read your race report on your blog, good job, enjoyed the report.

    What did you take with you on your long training runs as far as gels & sportsdrinks?

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    Geez Zeke I just read your blog!  We had the same sort of race experience.  I just slowed down way more than you.

    I had to laugh because  I was near the same conversation about Chuck Engle. LOL. Small world. That's how I heard he did the 2:48 the day before.

    I have to say even though I too was a bit disappointed in the race( time that is) I wanted to be sure I experienced the whole thing, you know.
    Sometimes you get so focused, well obsessed with the goal you forget to enjoy the ride!

    Next year! I see it's October 7th. It can't be that cold that early, right!

    Great blog.

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    Anne, I never really had a rhyme or reason with my long runs.  Usually just water, maybe gatorade if it was a hot day.  I know I took a gel about 2:10 into my last long run.

    Karen, I agree about getting too worked up over a time goal, but missing the enjoyment of the entire experience.  Oh yeah, I took the shuttle from the Hilton to the expo and back.  I cut through the lobby and Sean was standing there.  I got to catch up with him for 5-10 minutes.  Kind of cool.

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    I tried to post a couple of times on your blog, but it wouldn't let me, so I'll post here.

    Great job, really enjoyed reading the full monty report on your blog. I felt like I was almost reading my report from Lakefront last year, except you guys had a COLD wind the last 3 miles. Way to tough it out to the finish!

    You should be very proud of your time and effort. Releax and recover well.


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    Good job gutting it out in tough conditions. You sound like you're in line for something special once you get the right conditions.

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    Real happy to hear Chicago was a good one for you.  Flatter than all get out, but a rather boring course.  The last mile there takes forever, kinda like Boston with the long stretch looking at the clock.

    You have to be happy with this race.

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    Double, of course I would have liked to have run faster, but that's always the case.  I didn't really mind the course.  There were a couple of stretches around 15, 18 and the last 5K that were kind of boring.

    On the bus ride back from the expo I overheard someone talking about the “hill” at 25.9.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I got a little worried.  When I got to that point on the course, I had to laugh because the hill was so small.

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    Enjoyed reading your race report.  Congratulations on a well run race and a sub 3, good luck in the future.


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    What a great effor Zeke.  Nicely done. 

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    Zeke, Super job on the sub 3 marathon. Great report. Ski

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