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    Hi all,
    I am sitting in downtown Chicago trying to figure out just what I may have to wear Sunday,
    I thought for sure it would be sunny and cool.
    Now they are talking, 40 and rainy.
    Do you wear tights? I just don't want cold legs but sure don't want to warm. Hmmmm

    At least I can now opt for capri tights.  ;D


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    Personally, I'd go with shorts. The legs usually keep themselves warm if you keep your core warm and I wouldn't want to haul around wet tights for a whole race. Of course, as with the winter gear topic, it's a personal call because everyone needs something different. I ran without a shirt last year and was about the only topless guy in the race while other people were wearing long sleeves and gloves.

    I wish the best for those of you running in Chicago tomorrow. I ran a 5k today and it started raining pretty steady just minutes before the start of the race after just a light drizzle after that. If it weren't for the rain, it would have actually been pretty ideal conditions. Here's hoping you get those ideal conditions and it stays dry.

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    Thanks Ryan.
    I keep thinking geez I am from Wisconsin and have jumped in Lake Superior when the air temp is 45 degrees!

    I will go with shorts. I just can't imagine doing a marathon in tights.

    I am a little overwhelmed by how huge this is. How great running is that anyone can “compete” with world class athletes.

    Now back to watching the weather channel. 😉


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