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    This morning I ran 8.2 miles in 63 minutes. The last 16 minutes (about 1.8 miles) were a cool-down that I did with my 14 year old son. The fact that he asked to run with me to try and get ready for 8th grade track was amazing enough, but in addition to that, it was 7:00 AM on the Monday of spring break and it was 27 degrees out! His regular practices start next Tuesday, and we actually went out on Saturday and bought him his first pair of running shoes (sniff). He says he wants to run distance in track, but they have 8 meets in 3 and a half weeks, so I told him to do a bunch of different events and see what he likes.

    He kept up fairly well, and told me how impressed he was that I run almost every day, and finished in the top 5% at Lakefront when I ran my one and only marathon!

    We’ll see how excited he is to run tomorrow, and the next day. If he starts to build up more endurance, we’ll probably run this summer so he can get into shape for High School Soccer in the fall. Should be a nice way for me to do some doubles and get some extra mileage in as I build up for Chicago in the fall.

    Just had to share this story. Of course it means I’m getting old! 😛 Especiall when you think that we bought the shoes (Saucony’s) for $50 which is really reasonable, and my first pair of running shoes 26 years ago were Nike Waffle Trainers, that were $24!

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    so 26 years ago, gasoline was 79 cents and now it’s $2.09 or as much as $2.39 (by the interstate)… so the increase in shoe prices is not too bad… but I know what you mean about having your kid run with you… I went to ‘Sport Night’ last week for winter season, my 17 year old’s 8th season since he runs all three at his school… and he not only thinks I’m cool because I run, but has to tell his coaches that I had a total PR year in 2004… for me it was really weird because when I was in HS I was a total nerd (even owned a slide ruler)… had the coaches wishing me luck on my marathon, how did they know? my kid has been bragging… when the other kids complain about ‘too many miles’ he tell them about his mom, “hey, if my MOM can run 26.2 you should be able to do this”…

    he also pole vaults, way too cool for me… enjoy the sharing with your kid, like nothing else, very special…


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