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    There are several accounts on the forums that have been registered for some time but have never been activated. Some of these accounts are likely spammers that slipped through the cracks, others are likely people who either entered invalid e-mail addresses not realizing they needed to enter a valid address in order to get their activation links or lost interest in the forums even before activating their accounts.

    I would like to run an initial cleanup of some of the older inactive accounts and then occasionally run the cleanup to take care of newly added accounts of this type. At the moment, my plan is to remove all accounts that have existed for at least one month but have not been activated. This should give people who register with the intention of taking part in the forums plenty of time to activate their accounts but will allow me to clean up the database on a regular basis and make sure there is no lingering spam from before the changes were put in place and attempted spammers, as well as others who registered but never followed through with activating their accounts, are not cluttering up the memberlist.

    I am posting this more as a notice that this will be happening later this week. However, if I hear any major concerns about doing this, it might be possible to convince me to change my mind so you could consider this your chance to protest this move. At the very least, those that look to me like spam will be going away.

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    Seeing as there have not been any comments of any kind about this, I had no reservation at all in deleting 22 accounts this afternoon that have existed but been inactive for over a month. Currently, there are only two accounts that are inactive, one that is only a few days old and the other being about two weeks old.

    I will probably do this clean-up on a regular basis as a part of regular maintenance of the forums. Of course, I would expect this in the future to account to a handful of accounts at most at any given time.

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