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      Ever since adding the current race calendar to the site, I’ve been interested in finding a better one. Well, I found it and I expect to release it this weekend. I have it for the most part set up and I have entered all the events in the current calendar into the new one.

      The reason I’m going to release this new calendar is simply because it is far superior to what we currently have. A few of the things to look for:

      – More intuitive layout and design for everyone from runners looking up events to race directors entering their events.

      – Easier navigation.

      – Better performance. Both going from CGI to PHP and going from a text file back end to a database back end will help with this.

      – Many more features. Look for many things to come. To start with for now, try out the search functionality (will be much more useful if people enter locations when they enter events…hint hint…race directors can help people find their events by including their locations).

      – Better security. For those who could figure out what to do, they had access to everything, including deleting events. Now, all of it is database driven and password protected so only I have administrative access.

      The official release, probably this weekend, will include much more information on the functionality and features of the calendar, as well as features that may be implemented in the future. For now, please give the new calendar a test drive if you’re interested and let me know what you think.

      The new Events Calendar

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      Ryan, what’s the main purpose of the calendar? Is it for Race Directors to advertise upcoming races or is it more for regular posters to let others know when we have an upcoming race, or both?


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      Now, that’s a very good question. In the past, the calendar has served as everything from your typical race calendar where RDs can advertise their races to a place to announce group training runs to a place for people to let others know where they will be racing, often all at the same time. At the moment, I don’t see why it couldn’t serve as all of those but better ways of leveraging this software may be possible in the future.

      I’m looking into the full functionality of the calendar software to see how it can be best leveraged. My reason for releasing now is because I feel it is already better than the current calendar. However, there is much more that can be done with it in the future. One of the things that can be done is to set up user calendars so you, I, or whomever else would be interested could keep our own calendars. The potential of this is great.

      First, it would allow a public access calendar for race/event announcements and separate calendars for personal race schedules. Of course, anyone from a director to a sponsor to a participant could enter an event in the public access calendar if desired. However, if you wanted a personal calendar separate from that to keep track of your events, you could have that.

      Second, there is a lot of functionality within the personal calendar that runners could find very useful. Your first option would be to make your calendar public or private, so you could use your calendar to share your racing schedule with the world or you could keep it private and put whatever you want, whether it is running related or not, in there. Second, it offers e-mail reminders. Not that you would forget a big race on your schedule but maybe you have a group run on your calendar that might be easier to forget. You could set the event up to send you an e-mail several hours or a day or two before the group run. If you were using your calendar for other purposes, you could set up e-mail reminders for things like doctor’s appointments.

      Third, you could browse the public access calendar to find events you are interested in. When you find an event, you could simply click on a link to add it to your calendar.

      I’m sure there are also other things that I’m missing. The one thing holding me up right now is that I would have to manually create each individual calendar right now. If I can find a way to just let people register and create their own calendars, I would prefer that. Otherwise, maybe I’ll see how much interest there is and I can manually create some if there aren’t too many.

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