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    October  3,  2007,  CHICAGO – Defending champions Robert K. Cheruiyot (KEN)
    and  Berhane  Adere (ETH) will lead the field of elite athletes at The 30th
    Anniversary  LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 7. Cheruiyot won
    the  men’s 2006 title in 2:07:35 while Adere place first among the women in

    “It is a tremendous honor to have both of our defending champions return to
    the  streets  of  Chicago,”  said  Executive Race Director Carey Pinkowski.
    “Both  Robert  and  Berhane are extremely talented athletes and will be the
    ones  everyone is looking to beat on Sunday. They will be challenged by the
    likes  of  Evans  Rutto, Felix Limo and Benita Johnson so they will have to
    perform  in  order  to  keep their titles. All of them combined makes for a
    great day of road racing.”

    Cheruiyot  arrives  to  Chicago after back-to-back-to-back championships at
    the Boston Marathon (2006 and 2007) and 2006 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.
    He  is  currently  poised  atop the World Marathon Majors men’s leaderboard
    with  75  points,  a lock for the inaugural championship. Regardless of his
    place  finish  in  Chicago  this  weekend,  Cheruiyot will become the first
    series champion following the ING New York City Marathon in November.

    Adere’s 2006 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon championship set a new Ethiopian
    national  record.  Although  her  career  spans  a  decade, Adere spent the
    majority  of that time on the track, making her marathon debut in Rotterdam
    in  2001.  Since then, she has twice held the Ethiopian national record and
    earlier this year, she won the Fortis Rotterdam Half Marathon in 1:11:11 as
    part of her preparation for Chicago.

    The complete list of athletes set to compete as of today is as follows:


    Name                  Country  Personal Record
    Christopher Cheboiboch            KEN    2:07:18
    William Chebon        KEN      Debut
    Robert K. Cheruiyot    KEN      2:07:14
    Jaouad Gharib          MAR      2:07:02
    Patrick Ivuti          KEN      2:07:46
    James Koskei          KEN      2:14:02
    Bong-ju Lee            KOR      2:07:20
    Felix Limo            KEN      2:06:14
    Benjamin Maiyo        KEN      2:07:09
    Jimmy Muindi          KEN      2:07:50
    Charles Munyeki        KEN      Debut
    Daniel Njenga          KEN      2:06:16
    Evans Rutto            KEN      2:05:50
    Daniel Yego            KEN      2:08:16
    John Yuda              KEN      2:10:13


    Name                  Country    Personal Record
    Berhane Adere        ETH        2:20:42
    Kathy Butler          GBR        2:28:29
    Teyba Erkesso        ETH        Debut
    Alvetina Ivanova      RUS        2:27:48
    Benita Johnson        AUS        2:22:36
    Nuta Olaru            ROU        2:24:33
    Kate O’Neill          USA        Debut
    Adriana Pirtea        ROU        Debut
    Jess Ruthe            NZL        Debut
    Linda Somers Smith    USA        2:30:06
    Liz Yelling          GBR        2:30:44

    The  LaSalle  Bank  Chicago  Marathon  has  produced  some  of the greatest
    performances  in marathon history with its fast, flat course and reputation
    for  recruiting  the  world’s  top  talent.  Over  its 29-year history, The
    LaSalle  Bank  Chicago Marathon has hosted four world records, six American
    records  and  numerous  other  national  records. In 2006 alone, four women
    posted  new  records  for  their countries (Australia, Russia, Ethiopia and

    For more information on athletes and the race, visit

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    A rather paltry showing for US women.

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    Indeed. 6 months out from their Olympic Trials, this would seem to be great timing for them since most seem to like running one every 6 months. It's beyond understood for the men but where are the American women?

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    It is not an encouraging sign for the women's side of the sport, to be sure. 

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    I was unaware of this. It looks like several of the Americans who would be top Americans at Chicago are instead going to be in Boston on Monday. In my opinion, this was bad timing. The USATF should not hold one of their championship races on the same weekend as a major event like Chicago.

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    Indeed, though Tufts has a history of hosting this championship.  USATF does not exactly negotiate from much of a position of power (i.e. to get the date for this race moved back a couple of weeks) and likely would prefer to maintain a relationship that has been developed with the race and the community (i.e. rather than go with another race that had bid for this championship).  The men's 10K US champs had been in November at the Senior Bowl 10K in Mobile and then this year it was moved to Peachtree in July.  I am not sure that I would necessarily deem that an improvement, but then distance running does little to pay the bills for USATF so USATF will naturally devote fewer resources to things like road racing championships than it might to other, more popular disciplines that fall under its administrative umbrella.
    Perhaps the bulk of the top US women who will be at Chicago are those with the OT b-qualifier who are chasing an a-qualifier or those who are seeking the b-qualifier. 

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    Perhaps the bulk of the top US women who will be at Chicago are those with the OT b-qualifier who are chasing an a-qualifier or those who are seeking the b-qualifier.

    That's what I would expect at this point.

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    Unknown quantity under tough conditions: Kate O’Neill 3rd place!       

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