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    How’d the race go Bart?

    I saw that the Kenyans took the top 12 places and 14th. The top American finished 17th behind a Kenyan woman and Paula Radcliffe. Paula was second by 18 seconds.

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    I had a pretty good race. I went into the race hoping to finally break 40:00 for the 10K, which is a 6:27 pace. I anticipated that the crowds would slow me down at the start, but I hit the one-mile mark at 6:30. I was able to stay near my goal pace until mile four, which I hit at 26:08, putting me 20 seconds behind my goal pace. At mile four I accidently stopped my watch, so I don’t have any other splits. I could tell that the heat and humidity were starting to get to me, and I was starting to slow down some. At about the 4.5 mile mark I knew I wouldn’t go sub-40, so I just made an effort to catch as many people as I could. I ended up with a time of 40:51, finishing 197th overall (out of around 17-20,000 runners).

    While I would liked to have reached my goal, I’m pleased with my race. I don’t know what the temps were, but I’m sure it was in the 70’s with humidity close to 90%, so a PR wasn’t very realistic. I finished the same race almost a minute slower last year, so at least there’s been some improvement.

    I hung around for a little while after the race, but I left before the awards ceremony, so I had no idea who had won.


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    Congrats Bart, that sounds like a great time for the conditions. Top 1 or 2% is pretty impressive. Don’t they have some sort of corral system?

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    SwampTiger wrote:
    Don’t they have some sort of corral system?

    They do have a corral system. If you pre-qualify you get a different color bib based on your qualification time. I was with the 40-45:00 qualifiers. For me the corral system worked well this year.

    They had the same system last year; I was in the same corral; and I was 30 seconds slower my first mile. The only thing I can think was that I must have been closer to the front of my corral this year.

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    race sounds pretty fun

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