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      Cullen 8K race. 31:05, 6:15 per mile pace

      The Cullen 8K is a Badgerland Striders point race so I felt motivated to do it. It was cold and I’m definitely not in race shape plus I don’t like running in the cold. I got out there and started my warmup and as my face was freezing contemplated running back to my car and going home. But I stayed and the cold didn’t bother me during the race. Once I got warmed up it wasn’t too bad either.

      I got off to a clean start and ran a 5:56 first mile. I felt ok. I started to feel it during the second mile and my shoe became untied. First time that’s happened to me in a long, long time. I always double knot my laces so WTF? I stopped, tied it and tried to get back in the flow. Chaz Heckman, who’s in my age group and won the short series last year had been running with me and now had gapped me. I felt pretty stupid but I also felt a bit better with the break and I got back into a pretty good flow.

      Didn’t get many splits, I think the 3 mile split was off because it had me at 17:36. Even with the downhill 3rd mile I didn’t think that was probable. I wasn’t bothering to put the splits on my watch.

      During the fourth mile George Ogutu passed me. I hung with him and together we reeled in Chaz. I let George go and drafted off of Chaz for awhile. I wasn’t picking up the pace but I thought Chaz was dying more than me. The last 1/2 mile or so is uphill. I passed Chaz at about the four mile mark. Worried that Chaz would catch me I cranked it pretty good, all the while trying for the best tangents and avoiding the walkers coming in for the two mile walk/run.

      I finished fairly strong, the finish banner being a sight for sore eyes. 31:04 was the last time I saw on the clock and officially I was at 31:05.

      I was hoping to run six minute miles but being in poor shape and the course being sloppy with snow and slush at points caused a slower time. I got Chaz in a tough head to head race so I’m happy with that. My effort was good for 3rd in my age group but I got bumped up to second because Kyle Moss won overall. Go Kyle!

      Overall, it was alot of fun and good to see the people who showed up. Too bad we didn’t see more of you out there, it’s good to throw this in as a speed workout even if you aren’t necessarily in the best shape.

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      how was the course in terms of snow/ice? gotta love that uphill finish!

      on saturday, i ended up running 17.5m starting late in the afternoon and finishing around 7:30pm. (real smart, eh?) i fell about 10 minutes into the run on a patch of ice…which was the 2nd fall in two days. ugh! i got smart and did the last part of the run looping through frame park, which is really plowed/salted well.

      regardless, trailbreaker looks like it’ll be my first event of 2004.

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      Jeff good job on your race, conditions sound bad and what up with stopping to tie your shoes , That’s something I would only do in a marathon not a 8k. But I would probably have fell flat on my face 😯

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      The course conditions weren’t too bad. There was one section which we ran on twice that had fairly deep snow which I almost fell on. 😯 Nobody ran the innermost curves when we were on the roads because of slush, so we ended up running a longer distance. 🙁 The paths were plowed but there was still some snow, ice and slush on them. Overall not too bad. 😕

      I’ll probably do Trailbreaker. I think they hold a 5K there and I’ll probably enter that.

      The untied shoe was annoying. 😳 Not only was I worried about falling due to the untied shoe but my shoe became loose on my foot and started sliding a bit. 😥 With 3 miles to go I decided to stop and tie it. It happened to two other people both of who finished in front of me so that makes me feel a bit better. 😉 This is the first time this has happened in years. We ran through a snow section and there was slush on the course, so the laces must have gotten wet which allowed them to become untied? ❓

      I’ll be triple knotting my laces at races from now on. 💡

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      peace467 wrote:
      I’ll probably do Trailbreaker. I think they hold a 5K there and I’ll probably enter that.

      Consider yourself forewarned. The Trailbreaker 5k last year was the infamous Frame Park double loop. It will not be an accurate 5k.

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      Ryan wrote:
      It will not be an accurate 5k.

      Frame Park seems to be the bermuda triangle for 5K course measurement…many “5K’s” have been run there but none have been 5000 meters in length! 🙄

      jeff – are you aiming for short races/speed early in 2004?

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      I’m going to concentrate on shorter races (1/2 marathon and shorter) this spring and summer. I haven’t decided what to do this fall but it’ll probably include Tosafest.

      Thanks for the warning on the distance inaccuracy. I won’t be in good enough shape to run a PR so I’ll just be looking for a real good workout.

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      A half-marathon is a real good workout. This may fit your training plans better considering it is still March. Lean towards stength stuff early in the year. With w/u and c/d it would be a good 18 mile day.

      Jeff, if you lean towards speed I would still get close to 20 once a month. Your already fast. Don’t let the genie out of the bottle until you have a plan.

      With half the free world in Wisconsin running marathons in the fall, it will be tough to sit on the side lines. Trust me, we know all the same people. Consider getting around 60-70 over the summer and do the other stuff. Just be sure to not cheat yourself in major marathon workouts.

      If I was you I would just plain run in the next marathon. Go out and just get into cruise control. The summer races will make you tough and show you where you should be.

      Look, the marathon is basically about strength for slugs like us. Speed is good, but we are already fairly fast and do enough speed/races through the summer. Take 6-8 weeks to concentrate on elevating the miles and it will pay off. Your not a kid anymore. These shorter cycles are easier to accomplish, stay focused on, build for the future, and don’t totally wear your a$$ out.

      By August you’ll know what you want to do and you’ll still have time to get ready for a decent marathon.

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      Peace, Double is dead nuts right on. Not bad for a Hockey puck from Penn. I wish I would have done that last year 😡

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      I appreciate the advice. I intend to get the miles in, hopefully peaking at 80 for a few weeks this spring before cutting back and doing some races.

      I’ll see how things go. I do intend to get some longer runs in and a 20 miler once in awhile shouldn’t be any problem.

      As far as entering a marathon it won’t matter what anybody else is doing. Motivation has to come from within. I’ll do my best to get in shape, run some races and see how I feel.


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