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    Well, it's been two weeks since my marathon and I still haven't run a step.  The first week was legitamate recovery, but now I'm just starting to feel lazy.  I keep saying, “tomorrow I'll go for an easy jog…”  But the motivation is just not there.  I've got a lot of other stuff going on, so I am able to come up with a lot of “good” excuses for not lacing up and heading out, but this has got to stop.  Anyone else have such a huge slump following a big race?  I haven't gone this long without running since my last brain surgery 😉 and that was mandatory.  I just needed to get that out there, and  make a public promise that I will get out there this week, so hold me to it.


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    ;DWe shall…..
    Good luck 8)

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    After a couple of my marathons, I was ok the first week or two then the blahs set in and I just didn't feel like going for a run.  I'm sure you know it is perfectly normal to feel the way you do right now, but let me be someone else saying it.  Maybe set a ridiculously easy goal, run at least 5 or 10 minutes four times this week, or whatever it is you decide on.  I bet if you get the first 5 or 10 minutes down you'll keep going for a little more.  Search out a new running trail, run with a group, hop in a pool, hop on a bike, play tennis…. I don't know, maybe mixing it up a little will get you re-railed? 

    And if you want to be lazy Tim, be lazy.  You have EARNED it!

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    I would say only do it if and when you really want to.  Perhaps focusing in on what your next goal will be would help you?

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    Tim, Last year after Boston I felt the exact same way. I didn't run for about 10 days or so. Like yourself just not motivated. So I made the committment that the following Sat. morning I would take a short 30 min. run to try and get the mind and body back on track. The 30 min runs turned in 45min then into 1 hr. From May through Aug. I told myself just run for fun. No training, no schedule, just run 3-4 times a week and enjoy it.
    Sometimes we are so into the intense training that we fail to enjoy the fact that we can just get out and enjoy a short easy run. As GTF said when your ready you'll know it. Relax get outside enjoy the spring and summer sunny days. Remember the cold NJ winters? Not much fun to run then. Get out relax and enjoy the outdoors. You'll know when it's time to start training for the next race. Best always Ski

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    I think we all go through this at times. We focus so intently on a big goal and, once that goal is over, there's a letdown. Now what do I do with myself? I've gone through this fairly regularly after being out of school and not always having that next season ahead of me in just a few months. The answer was to usually think about what's next, though sometimes a nice break was all I needed. Maybe the answer is to start thinking about the next goal. Maybe the answer is to just give yourself a break for a while. Don't get down on yourself about two weeks. If it turns into two months, then I'll start sending nasty PMs your way. 😉

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    I say good for you.  2 weeks is great.  When you are ready you are ready. 

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    I'd agree with what Ryan says. Truth is, marathon training is a time consuming (somewhat compulsive for some of us) venture in which other parts of your life are sometimes abandoned. For me, a couple weeks off usually does the trick, though in the past – more than a month has gone by before running has gotten back into a regular routine for me. I've always just sort of attributed it to the fact that the lack of motivation is the body telling the brain to stop beating the crap out of me for a while so I can heal….even if I dont' feel physically ripped from the race anymore. Bottom line, serious rest is an undervalued thing in our hobby.

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    I know people that plan 2 weeks off.

    and heck, you deserve it.  Maybe your race went “too” well and you're not doing the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” that seem to get me back to training. ;D

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    Thanks to everyone for all the kind words, its good to know that I'm not just lazy:)

    Today, after almost 3 full weeks of zero running, I broke my drought by running 29:41 in the big local 5 miler to kick off the summer.  I was suprised that I didn't feel totally flat,  but I ran a smart race and really crushed the last mile(5:41). 

    Now I feel like I'm back, it felt really good to run fast again, and now I think Im ready to just run for fun.  That was the great thing about today's race, because I had absolutely no idea what to expect, and no real goal other than to run fast, I actually enjoyed today's run more than I have in the past, and I was only 20 seconds slower than last year.


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    Tim, nice work. Great to hear that you ran for the fun and enjoyment of it. Way to crush the last mile. Have fun, enjoy the summer and sunny days. Best always, Ski

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