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    The December poll was very interesting! Only 21% had no running related injuries in the past year. 67% had to take more than 1 week off.

    I’m certain Ryan will have comments about it soon. But I would be interested in peoples opinions as to why such a high rate.

    For me it was mostly too much to soon and inconsistency in my training.


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    I forgot to vote, but was injury free. I had a couple tweaks…but NO days off because of it. We’ll see what happens this year.

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    I voted for more than 1 week of reduced training. This was due to achilles problems which came on strong in June. This type of chronic injury doesn’t result in a layoff but still prevents full training load and keeps you mentally tentative when you should be pushing hard.

    The only upside is that when a injury is serious enough you start educating yourself pretty fast and take steps to cure the problem since the alternative is a permanent layoff.


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