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    Well, the bad news is we unfortunately got a very significant test of the changes I put in place last week. If you didn’t notice yesterday, from some time in the morning right through the last time I checked in on the forums in late evening, the number of users the forum software was reporting skyrocketed (check toward the bottom of the forum index and you’ll see it peaked around 150 visitors at one time). While 5-10 visitors at one time is not abnormal, consistently running between 70 and 100 of legitimate visitors at any point in time for a good portion of the day is unfortunately a pipe dream. The forums were obviously the subject of a spam bot (automated spamming software) invasion from multiple sources.

    The good news is the forums survived magnificently. Not a single piece of spam actually got placed. I didn’t have to clean anything up. All I had to do is sit back and watch as the attempts to spam the forums repeatedly failed.

    To me, this was the real test. On a day like yesterday, it would not be abnormal to see at least 5-10 spams, potentially much more, make their way on to the forums. I am very happy to say that, for the time being, it looks like we have won this battle against the spammers. Now, we just have to be vigilant for the next method of attack, whatever it may be.

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    Good job Ryan – thanks for keeping things good here.

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    I work for the government, that is, we have as rather good LAN/WAN group and a security group too… so we’re always getting updates through our email system on what goes on… from that perspective I think you are doing a great job…

    and that (along with a quality attitude) seems to limit not only the spam but the FLAMES… thank you…


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