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    I'm going to pull a quote from the end of this instead of the beginning like I usually do.

    They achieve what they get from literally years and years of preparation at every level. They make the winning look so easy and so glamorous. But, as Deena Kastor reflected after winning her Olympic medal:

    “I didn't know for sure that I had the bronze medal until I heard the stadium announcer say I was the third finisher. Then, what a rush of emotions! I just couldn't believe that everything had worked out so perfectly. That all the work had paid off. It's amazing how fast your mind can take you from Athens to Green Church Road in Mammoth, CA — where you're dry heaving at the side of the road after a killer tempo run”.

    There’s nothing easy or glamorous about preparing to win.

    superathletics article

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    another bit I liked… “And then they have these less definable qualities: hardy, robust, calm, focused, brave, optimistic, methodical, devoted – and patient”…

    Ryan, as you mentioned to Janus… patience…

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    Man, I didn't even think of this when I replied to Janus. At 5:15 in the morning, when waking up to the shrill sound of a pager, your mind isn't fully into things. Just restarting what needs to be restarted and checking in here while waiting for it to finish.

    This does seem pretty fitting, though.

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