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    I like the original pair of Nike Free that I have but they have clearly over 1k miles on them.  The newer pair of Nike Free that I have are the Nike Free 3 (about 700 miles) and I cannot go over 8 miles in them without getting a fair amount of pain in the balls of both feet.  I can pull out the older pair and go 14 miles with no pain.

    What is smimlar to the Nike Free and has a bit extra room in the toe box?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Andrew A.

    I wonder if you are aware that there are about three different versions of the Free, with varying levels of cushioning?  If you got one that has more or less (soft foam) cushioning than the first one you had, it might result in the issue you describe.

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    Thanks Andrew, after posting this I was doing some research and found that they make a 3, 4 and a 5.  I think I will try the 4s – if they do not have enough cushion then they will be my short distance shoes and I'll get the 5s.

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