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    I was a few houses away from home last night when a neighbor was out in her front yard with her two siberian huskies…on a leash. I slowed and moved onto the grass and as I passed one of the dogs lunged at me and got my right forearm. It released my arm and after I got away from the immediate area, I shouted back…

    Runner: “Your dog bit me.”

    Owner: “My dog doesn’t bite.”

    Runner “Did I stutter? Your dog bit me. Son of a B*@#$. I’m calling the cops!”

    I got in the house and after removing my jacket and two shirts i only ended up with a scrape. I called the Waukesha Police Department and one of Waukesha’s finest stopped by at around 90 minutes after the incident and filled out a report.

    I guess it bears repeating…beware of dogs..even on leashes.

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    I trust no animal. Everyone I pass I’m eye-ballin’. 👿 MikE

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    “My dog doesn’t bite.” Man, how many times have I heard that? Actually, one of the times I was bitten, I was told the same thing. Oh yeah? How do you explain my bleeding leg?

    I’m glad you called the police. No matter how insignificant the bite was, getting it on record that the dogs are biters is important.

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    Saturday I was out on the trail (Mount Vernon trail/bike bath).. two people came jogging the other way with the West Highland Terriers… now these dogs were no more than 12 inches at the shoulder and were out pacing their people… when I turned around and was heading back there they were again… the people had let the extendable leashes out and the dogs were even further ahead…

    there was a guy about 50 feet ahead of me, he got the worst of it as both dogs swerved towards him… one stopped in front of him, he hurdled it but the other had come up behind him, he may have clipped it with his heel… but I’m not really sure what happened, it was so quick…. I think he was okay but as the dogs got tangled the people yelled at the runner??? WTF??? I suppose he was supposed to stop and adore the beasties…

    when I got there the people were trying to untangle the leashes… I just smiled… the runner was long gone… just imagine if those people had big dogs…


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    r-at-work wrote:
    I think he was okay but as the dogs got tangled the people yelled at the runner??? WTF??? I suppose he was supposed to stop and adore the beasties…

    This sounds like an incident I’m very familiar with. I know the Waukesha guys know the reputation Minooka Park has for dogs and my other frequent running location, the Bugline/Menomonee Park isn’t a whole lot better. I can’t even tell you how many times I have had dogs chase me or jump on me or something else and the owners would yell at me. I remember one time in Minooka Park, a dog started following me and the owner was yelling at me to stop so she could get her dog back. I told her something along the line of tough luck, if you can’t follow leash laws you can either lose your dog or pick it up at the shelter if the dog follows me all the way home. She yelled back a few things that shouldn’t be said in a public park where kids might be and I just kept running. About 3/4 of a mile later, I came up on another unleashed dog and when the dog following me ran at it, the owner yelled at me to get MY dog away. Without even thinking that this person’s dog was unleashed, I said it’s not my dog, some idiot was letting their dog run unleashed and it followed me. That endeared me to this person real well and I got yelled at again with words that should not be used in a public park.

    On that run, within the distance of a mile, I had two different dog owners yell at me simply for running past their illegally unleashed dogs on park trails. With how much I was getting yelled at, you’d think I was the one doing something illegal.

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    Ed 1

    These stories are the reason that I yell to the dog owners that I am bringing a knife on my next run to protect myself – the dogs are leashed by the next morning run. Harsh but effective.

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    Dogs: the reason I carry an 18-inch oak pick handle on all runs. I have it attached loosely to my wrist with a nylon cord so sweat won’t cause it to slip from my hand. I hold it under my arm parallel to the ground while running. I often see dog owners eyeing the stick as I pass. I always give dogs plenty of room but there are those that follow and they sometimes get the stick. Usually ankle-biters.

    Don’t misunderstand, I do not like hitting animals but I will hit a dog before it bites me. One firm hit on the head with a pick handle sends a clear message. Its also good for two-legged animals who cause trouble.

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