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    i do really like this approach, maybe if some of the american elites stop hitting splits and worry about winning no matter the time, american running would be faster and win more major races , i think. 

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    Well, I think the problem the Americans are having goes much deeper than looking at the watch but I do think some Americans are a little too fixated on splits, to the point of forgetting to race.

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    No doubt US American runners will follow the lead of the elites coming out of the Dominican Republic.  😉

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    ;D elite runners here barely run 15:30 5k , 32:30 10 k , 1:12 half marathon, so those times can be run by a high schoolers there, however when a dominican travel to another country of cooler weather , the person run faster there. This weather is too hot, khalid khannouchi won a half marathon in 2008 in 1:07:35 ,that is slower than marathon pace.

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