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    How’d the 100k go?

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    Inquiring minds want to know…….

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    i’m not trying to steal Double’s thunder but he emailed a local group of us with his trip report…

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    I returned yesterday from a barn burner of a road trip with Roy. We flew

    to Atlanta early Friday and

    after a wrong turn or two ended up at the race director’s house (Janice

    Anderson) in the afternoon. We

    marshalled out to the course w/ some of the supplies and then returned for

    some shut eye. This is

    when I learned that Roy eats everything I don’t and vice-a-versa.

    The course was flat, the day was cool w/ no wind and there was plenty of

    competition to be had from

    the start. About 27-28 100k entrants and 50-60 in the 50k headed out for

    the 2 x 50k out and backs.

    Personally, I felt flat from the beginning and by 15k my legs had already

    taken a bit of a pounding from

    the 99.9% concrete path. Did I mention it was concrete. By the first 25k

    I was hoping to still to get near

    8 hours, but it never got better. I got back to the 50k around 4:03 and

    had been thinking of dropping around

    35k. None-the-less I would head back out and see why I did all that

    training anyhow.

    It got worse. Three or four people went by me including Connie Gardner and

    Regan Petrie. I was

    impressed how powerful they ran and decided to try and copy the style.

    After about 20-30 minutes I

    found myself coming back to them and would run back and forth with them as

    well as Eric Linder and

    David Walker. At the 75k turn David took more time than me so I headed

    back. Connie and then Regan

    were bearing down on me and I had to work. My quads were shot, but I

    convinced myself if I never

    walked then no one would pass me.

    Seeing Roy on the way back, he told me Godale was walking and I could pick

    up a few places. Sure

    enough, people were dropping fast and others had dropped at the 50k. After

    I passed Mark, I soon passed

    Mike Buchanan who had felt the rath of the concrete as well. I ended up

    running the last 25k faster than

    the one before it, but in a disappointing 8:42 for 7th overall.

    Runners from the state of Washington went 1 and 2. The first guy was in

    the high 7:20s I believe and 2nd

    ended up at 8:07. A total of 13 finishers and only Connie (8:51 and 8th)

    and Regan (8:53 and 9th) finished

    among the women. No excuses, but the concrete for me was unfavorable.

    The best part of the trip was staying at Janice’s and hanging out with Roy

    for the weekend. We just flat

    out had a good time and told funny stories about all you people since you

    weren’t around.

    I’ll see you at Ice Age.

    Dave Dehart

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    Man, Double is an animal. One of the things that most impresses me about him is how, no matter how bad things are going, he always guts it out and turns a bad day into something he can at least build on.

    Speaking of Ice Age, not that I’m planning on running it – at least this year, but what’s the date?

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    May 14

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    Hmm…if I just…naah…better not. 😉

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    Ryan wrote:
    no matter how bad things are going, he always guts it out and turns a bad day into something he can at least build on.

    Yeah, his ultra reports always seem to say something like “I was feeling like crap but decided to keep running and see what happens.” Then he usually finishes with “I was 4th overall.”

    Way to go Double.

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    Thinking of dropping with only a third completed yet you finish… and stronger than virtually anyone else. I wanna be like you when I grow up but would be ecstatic with half of what you possess. 😀

    As always, I am totally impressed. You ‘da man’ and ‘da legend’ Double!!! 8)


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    Great job – now if I can only gut out a similar effort for only 40% of the distance 🙄 Sheesh I feel week. Thanks for the effort, now I have something to think about to motivate me through the little 26.2 miles on 22 MAY 05 in Green Bay.

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    Hey, it was a great experience. Honestly, I will probably do it again. The thing I’m most disappointed about is the peaking issue. I have felt positively flat the past two 100ks. I don’t ponder the issue, I simply tried to do too much since July. I thought I could handle it and I couldn’t. The good news is I get to train less for awhile.

    I appreciate the kind words, but you would all have done the same. My last five road 100ks:

    2001 = 8:30 Pittsburgh, PA

    2002 = 7:43 Duluth, MN

    2003 = 10:24 Taiwan

    2004 = 9:38 Eagle, WI

    2005 = 8:42 Rockmart, GA

    Hey, I see a positive trend developing.

    I still have that one shimmering day from Finland to Duluth where it sorta came together. At the time I felt there was much more I could have done and would do. Now I see the sun don’t shine on the same dogs a$$ everyday. I am so glad that Zeke was there to contribute and it was all made possible by this little website.

    Ryan you should get out to Ice Age in some capacity. Relay, crew for one of us, or even the 50k. Ask Jerry, Pski, Linz or FB; it is something that will take you to the mountain. Other things in life will seem simplier.

    Jerry and Linz, I am so looking forward to the dinner at Albanese’s the night before Ice Age. We’ll get Ryan, Kooch and Larry out there and tell big lies. The first round is on me, write that down. We will even bring Pski out for motivation. He whipped me to my standing PR there by spinning a few provarications.

    Keep it legal.

    Double D

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    Double, once again, heck of a job sticking it out and I do love that trend over the past few attempts.

    As for Ice Age this year, I have a feeling that weekend will be plenty busy for me already. I don’t think I’ll have time to spend all day out at Kettle Moraine. Maybe next year. Maybe.

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