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    Hey Double (or anyone who was crewing for Double)…how did the ultra go on sunday?

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    I wasn’t there but found this link:

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    I was out there for the first 37 miles at an aid station. DD never had his legs that day, just the wierdest thing. He wouldn’t blame injury and just plodded through the whole race. It was very cool and somewhat breezy, but overall not a bad day. I know he was 14th in 9:38 or so out of 15 finishers. 23 started and 8 dropped. DD will probably tell the whole story after family that’s visiting leave. It looked brutal, I personally would of liked to see him drop and see what could happen at Ice Age, but DD set out to finish. Unreal PSKI

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    It was great knowing all the runners, the crews, and the families present at the race. My Dad and brother just couldn’t believe everyone knew me, but the ultra community is small and the local participation in any form is world class.

    The race started extremely slow and I lead the first few miles. The first mile was 7:29 so not exactly blistering. I just never had it. My legs were shot at 15 miles. I probably wasn’t used to running in flats, but hey, that’s life. I went to trainers at 26 and just decided (with a little encouragement from a bunch of people) to hang on. It just wasn’t there and that’s all I can say. National class training runs on the course mean little come race day.

    I certainly appreciate all the people know who came out to support and cheer me on. It meant a lot to me personally.

    I now have a clean slate to work from. I’ll do Ice Age in 33 days and am not overly concerned about how I run it right now. I may take another crack at the Kettle Moraine 100 mile four weeks after Ice Age just for grins. I know I can do better there.

    The fall is wide open at this point. I’ve thought about doing the short stuff just for a change. I’m not sure at this point. Right now I want to heal up from a couple dings and let the cards fall as they may.

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    Way to go Double. Tough to hang in there for any race when you don’t have it, let alone an ultra.

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