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    I used to be a member of this forum a few years ago in high school. I was very high on running and my senoir year I ran a p.r. of 16:33. Even though I hadn’t been running long, I knew it was something for me. I planned on running in college. It turns out I moved from my hometown the right before track season senoir year and didn’t run too hot. After my decision to attend UW-Fox Valley( a two year school without a running program), I really tapered off from running consistently. I started smoking cigarettes and have gone from 160 lbs to 180 lbs. I have noticed changes in my singing abilites( as a music major you need a primary instrument and mine is voice so this is very important). Not to mention I just don’t feel that great about myself right now. I just want to get remotivated. I want to run road races this summer and when I transfer to UW-Oshkosh(junior year but I will go for 5 most likely), I am considering running on the collegiate level again. These are big steps and I just need to start running consistently. I enjoy it when I do venture out but I need to be out there daily. Has anyone been in a situation similar to mine or have any concrete advice for me. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    the only part of your story I have anything in common with is the smoking… if you haven’t given it up that’s the first thing… try a patch & maybe some counselling (they say the two together is most effective)…

    I have never smoked, but my mom and dad did, dad passed away already and mom had emphasema, detatched retinas and severe osteoporosis (the last two have been linked to smoking)…

    if you have noticed you voice being affected just think of the damage done to the rest of your system… 😯 only you can stop the damage, do it belore it goes on any longer… and good luck with the running ‘comeback’


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    dump the cigs…watch the diet…get out and start running again. think about hooking up with the pacesetters (http://www.pacesettersrun.com/).

    16:33 5K CC PR? wow.

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    I am 43 and have had a big problem with this and have recently Quit for good . COLD TURKEY IS THE ONLY WAY!!! I look at it in only one way. I choose to control myself and reject any influence that wants to control me. You alone may choose to win or lose. So start running, walking, breathing and loving yourself .

    I looked in the mirror, stood on the scale, then began a positive road to freedom. Eight weeks ago I decided to train instead of smoke. I have logged over 500 miles and lost 18 lb. in this time and have registered for the Ice age 50 mile Trail run .

    If you would like to email me directly: [email protected]

    Cool Runnings


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    I agree with Kuchar, cold turkey is the way to go, otherwise your still hooked on some type of nicotine and the craving never really goes away.

    I smoked for 15 years and then decided i wanted to run on a regular basis and enjoy it, the two don’t compliment each other very well. once your running takes some semblence of a priority in your life, then quitting smoking is pretty easy. you’ll one day look at it as a disguting habit and wonder why you ever did it in the first place. I wish i was smart enough at your age to do it.

    just my cent.

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