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    It appears Anne and I both placed 4th overall in the WORS Trail Run Series — Anne among the 5K women and myself among the 10K men. Yet we won our respective age groups.

    What gets me is I could have tied for third overall just by showing up for the last race in Wisconsin Rapids yesterday, needing only five points to do so.

    Well, that's the downside of saving myself for Lakefront next Sunday. I've been turning my left ankle on trails (and dry, clear pavement) too often of late to have risked doing it again yesterday.

    So, onward: A BQ time at Lakefront, I'm comin' to getcha!

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    Joel, sometimes we have to let one goal go to get the more important goal. Personally, I think you made the right choice no matter how hard it is to take right now.

    I'll most likely be at the finish area for Lakefront. I may have to corner you for some questions about the WORS races as I am seriously considering showing up for the Sheboygan event.

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    With the marathon coming up and your ankle issues you were wise to pass on this event even though you missed out on a great day for a race.

    I was very nervous for this one, competitive jitters. I hope Peace 467 doesn't mind that I used his “fast feet” mantra, it's much easier to repeat the “ohmyGodthisishardwhenwillIbedone.”

    I fell once, no blood-just ate some dirt.  😛
    Didn't throw up.  ;D
    Finished 3rd female overall, coming in ahead of both Fawn & Dana.  🙂
    Took 1st in my age group securing the top spot.  🙂
    Won $25.00  🙂
    When I got back home gave my daughter my winnings for gas money so she could get back to college.  >:(

    I'm really glad to have that race behind me.  There's one more event though not for points, in Sheboygan if anyone is interested. Here's the link, they are a blast even with the wipeouts.


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    Nice work, Anne. Ya done good.

    Judging by the top finishing times, the “10K” was a bit short again. Was that true of the 5K as well?

    Ryan, I'm not all that disappointed in my WORS Series finish. I know I can beat the guy who won it all (well, I beat him once out of four tries!) and he's reigned for two years now. I'll take him next year!

    Don't expect lots of details on the series at the Lakefront finish line. I expect to be a bit out of breath.

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    At the start of the race the announcer said the long course was a 10K but the short course was 4 miles in lieu of a 5K.  I'm not so sure that mine was 4 miles, I came in under 29:00 minutes, it was a flatter, much faster course but I don't think I was running THAT fast. It would be great if I was but I have my doubts.

    I didn't hear anyone question the length of the 10K.  This course  didn't have the climbs of previous races, more of a x-country type terrain. 

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    Anne, good job. You make it sound like something that would be a fun experience if nothing else, just what I could use out of a race at this point.

    Joel, I'll let you catch your breath first. I'll even let you have a seat before I corner you. 😉 Actually, I just have a few basic “newbie” questions more than anything as someone who has run a lot of cross-country races but never a “trail” race. How rugged of a course can I expect, are cross-country spikes allowed/advisable, things like that.

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