Emotional toll may force me to quit, says Jones

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    Marion Jones, the triple Olympic gold medallist, has admitted she is considering quitting the sport because of the negative publicity she has received.

    It was announced last month that the blood-boosting substance erythropoietin (EPO) had been found in the A sample of Jones's urine test taken at the United States Championships in June where she won the 100m. But the back-up sample came back negative, leaving her free to continue competing. However, the American withdrew from the rest of the season blaming stress-related exhaustion.

    Guardian article

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    Not exactly indicative of the mental state of someone who knew that she was innocent/clean all along.  Why give up on the season unless one feels that there are strong odds that the B sample will also turn up negative?  It is an odd reaction, to ostensibly overcome challenges for so long and to then suddenly allow something like this to support thoughts of just jumping ship completely.  Considering what all of her associations have pointed to for quite a while now, it would not be at all surprising that the sentiments being expressed currently are a product of being told that the jig is up, something not unlike being given the idea that the authorities would cover-up and make the doping charges go away this time, but that it would be the last time. 

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