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    Hasn’t been an active posting period for the past day, so I thought I’d generate a lively topic. Since most of the N. part of the country goes into hibernation when it comes to road races from Nov to March, I thought I’d get opinions on spring races you enjoy, and reasons for.

    I’ll post for the run I am shooting for. It is a 20 mile race held in a suburb of Madison that coincides w/ the village’s Norwegian Independence Day festival, hence the name “Sytennde Mai Run” (for May 17) When I was growing up, this was the biggest race around (32 years or so now), and the highlights were starting at the Capitol in Madison, running rural roads w/ very cool water stops, and not getting your t-shirt until you finished. The design of the shirt was always the same; a large Viking vessel broadly emblazened across the from of the shirt. Every year the color scheme was different. The year I ran there was a minor controversy as the shirts had a mini design over the heart instead of across the chest. The hue and cry was so great that they went back to the larger design the next year. I hear they give out Norwegian plates now – not sure if it’s just for AG winners or what.

    After a 20 year hiatus, I am running this race again after 20 years. I ran 7:15 pace as a 20 year old, w/ the last three miles at about 6:30 pace. This year, I’d like to think I can run sub 7:00 pace. Can’t wait to see the shirt!

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    The Human Race 8k this Sunday in St. Paul. It used to be the St. Patty’s day race, but they changed it to coincide with Spring Break of the college where the race starts. You run north on Summit Avenue about 2.25 miles, loop around William Mitchell Law School, then back on Summit. For those of you familiar with the Twin Cities Marathon, this is around miles 22-24 on the course. The first mile is a gradual uphill and the last mile is a gradual downhill, making for a fast course.

    The race kicks off the spring racing season here. It’s usually part of the USATF and MN Distance Runners team and individual series. So the local studs come out. Last year 7 people ran sub-25, 66 sub-28, 131 sub-30 (including 8 women).

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    I used to do GW birthday 10K as the first race of my spring (DC) especially since they have a 2K and my kids would run that… my 16yr won it when he was 10 because it was NINE degrees out and not many people showed up…anyway… sometimes it’s cold, one year it was 70! you never know in DC..

    this year I pulled my back out the morning of the race(totally not running related), took my 11 year old anyway and jogged the 2K… ended up helping a 6 year old who got to the turn around, stopped and was crying, her sister was faster and had left her behind… so we jogged back together, poor kid… I figure I was meant to be there, going slow…

    so since I’ve dialed back my training I changed my marathon plan for this weekend (Shamrock) to the relay… my husband laughed when I told him it would be an easy weekend since I ONLY had to run 13.1 miles

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    I don’t really have any favorites in the spring but a few that I have done and really liked…

    1) Trailbreaker. Probably because it’s almost literally right out my front door. This is the classic “unpredictable weather” race. You could have a foot of snow on the ground, you could have a blizzard, you could have 85 and sunny. I won the half 2 years ago, was laid up with the misdiagnosed hamstring last year, will gut it out and not win this year. One of these years, I’ll do the full but I don’t know when.

    2) South Shore Half. This can be a very fast race, in fact I set my half marathon PR there, but the conditions are again variable. In fact, when I set my PR, we had a strong headwind on the way out.

    3) Crazylegs Classic. Big race in Madison. Starts in front of the capitol building, very fast first mile around the area of the capitol, then he heads down to Camp Randall and finishes at the 50 yard line. I’ve only run it once, ran a tactically bad race and finished 12th, but it’s a lot of fun, brings in good competition (Mark Coogan was second the year I ran after finishing 19th at Boston), and has the potential to be a very fast course if you run it right.

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    One of my favorite spring runs is a St Paddys day 10mi in Freehold, NJ, and its actually tomorrow! Its a relatively flats course that winds around some nice, quiet, wooded roads. Hopefully the wind wont be to bad, the forecast isnt good, but we’ll see.

    One of the best parts of the day is after the race, the free footlong hotdogs they give out to all finishers. I usually dont feel like eating right after a race, but those hotdogs are so damn good I usually force on down anyway.


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