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      Two days into March and no one has started this thread. Do we do this anymore? If so, I probably shouldn't be the instigator. But I'll post my meager digits if only to let the rest of you feel better about yourselves.

      Running: 30.4 miles (Avg. Pace: 7:57/mile)
      Road Biking: 7.5 miles (on semi-recumbent on one of those days in the 50s)
      Nordic Track: 47.7 miles (Avg. Pace: 8:23/mile)
      XC Skiing: 35.2 miles (Avg. Pace: 10:15/mile)

      Pathetic, I know. Especially running wise. The skiing miles should be nearly double, too, but the Birkie course was cut in half and I bailed because of the icy conditions.

      This for the year thus far:
      Running: 72.5 miles
      Road Biking: 7.5 miles
      Nordic Track: 90.2 miles
      XC Skiing: 74.4 miles

      With the 16+ inches of snow we've gotten over the past week, I should get a lot more skiing in. Just started skate skiing, too, and lovin' it.

      Alright, its y'all's turn to make me look likt the slacker I am.

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      I logged 316 miles in 28 runs.

      A LOT of miles were on my treadmill. First, I was doing 2 or 3 hill workouts a week (which I do on the mill regardless of weather). Second, the cold and winds (and icy roads) were too brutal; the treadmill might be boring but I prefer it in those conditions.

      The hill phase is done and with 9 weeks to the race I'll focus more on speed (as well as more miles at mp). With the nicer weather I won't be back on the mill any time soon.


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      235 miles for the month on 24 runs.

      Came in 3rd in a two mile race, 400m of which were in the sand on the beach.

      Feeling pretty good overall, most of my workouts have been right on pace.  Most of my tempo runs have felt relatively relaxed, and the long runs are feeling easy.



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      275 miles on 26 days (32 runs).

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      only 180 miles for me…

      and I missed only one recovery run (would have been 6)…
      this was what I was scheduled to do… all month it seemed like it wasn't enough… now there were a lot of hills in those miles…

      we'll see how it goes in April…

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      lately i've been one to start the monthly miles thread but was so disgusted with my efforts that i waited for someone else to take the initiative.

      199.5 on 24 runs.

      too many miles either indoors at the Pettit Center or on the treadmill.  i also had a nasty 2 week virus in the last half of the month which limited my running as well.

      as of the end of february, my odometer is up to 24,740.  i should roll 25,000 in early April.

      6 weeks to BOSTON.  gotta get my rear in gear.

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      212 miles with 3 days on the treadmill.
      LSD from 16-21 mile runs.

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      109.22 in Feb up from 86.4 in Jan.

      Still not good, but its coming around.  I hit double digits (10) last night for the first time all year.  Onward and upward.

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      23 days run (all singles), 166 miles. It seems paltry compared to some, but that's actually two months in a row with my best mileage ever for that month. Now if I can avoid these running injuries I'm sustaining (sprained wrist from fall on ice last week, rolled ankle Friday morning) I should be all right.

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      208 miles on 22 running days.

      Not as good as I had hoped, but March is off to a good start…


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      185 miles on 25 running days.  I got out enough but my distances were down.  I contribute some of that to too many indoor miles on the dreadmill.

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      Haven't added everything up but I recall 3 days off so that would be 25 days running. Several 2 a days but not a ton, probably around 30 runs. Probably about 10 miles per day running for about 250 miles. Not the month I was hoping for. March started off slowly as I wrapped up an unplanned cutback period (5 days) after I absolutely hit the wall this past Tuesday. I'm feeling pretty rejuvenated right now and looking forward to getting myself back on track with a good 2 a day today.

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      193 miles for Feb. on 20 running days – waiting for the spring melt to start…


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