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    Alright post ’em!

    I finished up a week of 53 miles (12 of that was in January), then had weeks of 42, 24.25 (Cut back week and a 10K race), 56 (an all-time high for one week), and then ran 12 miles today. All in all, 175.25 miles…not quite the 185 that I had in January, but with only 28 days to work with, I’m happy. I’m still ahead of pace to run over 2000 miles this year and I recorded a 10K PR (40:41) which accomplished 1 of my 4 basic goals for the year (PR at 5K, 10K, and 15K and 2000+ miles for the year). I’m right on schedule…gotta keep my eyes on the prize!!!

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    only 166.5 for me this month, life got in the way on that long weekend… but it’s a bit more than twice what I had last year since I had pulled my back last year (in Feb.)…

    and this month already looks a bit wimpy (mile-wise) as two weeks will be a serious taper, the marathon and then a week of walking and a visit to my family for Easter… I will bring my running stuff but they’re in upstate NY and might still have snow, in which case I’ll try out my sister’s snow shoes…

    the goal is 4:15 in VA Beach, part of the three year plan…


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    I finished with 248 miles. Not a ton, but I’m feeling really good and ready to start ramping things up for Gma’s. 16 weeks and counting.

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    r-at-work wrote:
    and this month already looks a bit wimpy (mile-wise) as two weeks will be a serious taper, the marathon and then a week of walking and a visit to my family for Easter…


    After you run 4:15 on the 19th, it won’t matter what your monthly mileage ends up being. It’s all about running strong, setting PRs and reaching your goals, not how many miles you write down in your log book.

    Would you rather tell people “I ran 4:14 in March” or “I only ran 4:30 in March, but was still able to get 200 miles for the month”?

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    yep… the 4:15 is THE GOAL for the month of March… it’s fun to think about ramping up this summer for a BIG fall push, it’s fun to think about maybe trying a 50K, but all that has to wait till after the marathon… then I’ll plan the next step…


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    Ed 1

    Totally screwed up the cut back week – gave in to not feeling well. Only ran 153, so little compared to you all. But 😯 I am at 316 for the year compared to my year 2004 total of 475-500 (lost track) 😀 😀

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    321 for February including 32 at MP and 7 at LT. Also had 3 workouts with some hill work. I averaged 80 per week which is unprecedented for me. Feeling good with 6 weeks to go before Boston. Just entered the 3rd mesocycle in the 18 week pfitz program so I’ll begin to incorporate 5k pace workouts. Also will begin to race. Have two 20k’s planned which I’ll train through. May also run a local 5k.

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    Stayed on the schedule: 278 miles.


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    I finished with 180 miles in February (I had 190 in January). I had weeks of 49.2 (included Jan 30 and 31), 44, 54, 21, and have 19 so far this week. The 21 mile week was a one-week taper, which helped me to record a PR (1:27:46) in the Mardi Gras Half Marathon on February 27. So far I’ve recorded a PR in both January (10K in 40:22) and February. Maybe that’s a good sign that I’ll finally get my 5K time below 19:00.


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    Into my 2nd month of base training with 3 more to go before marathon training begins.

    Running: 216.4 miles, 7:28 pace

    Swimming: 5.6 miles

    Strength training: 6.5 hrs

    So far so good…

    Not bad of a month considering that I missed a day of training due to wisdom teeth extraction.

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    190 for me, thats a new high! Feeling good with 3 weeks to go before the taper begins.


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