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    I was up and running bright and early this morning at 4:30 AM.  I was crossing the construction area (completely redoing our one main road) and I saw a metal braketing system.  As I approached it I began my little leap over it and all of a sudden I was headed downward very, very quickly.

    I hit the ground realy hard and slid on teh rough gravel surface – Oh happy day! Road rash!!!

    I got up and – well – there is no one around at 4:45 AM so I was less embarrased.  I looked for what took me down and it was a guide wire of some sort.  Thin and impossible to see in the dark. 

    I noticed that I must have been ticked off about falling becuase I was running a bit harder than normal and saw that I would have time to get in 10.5 miles

    So I guess it was good that I fell.

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    ouch, poor you… I've been out every morning with my 'new' dog (rescued 2 y.o. border collie cross) who jogs perfectly at my side most of the time… all bets are off when she sees a squirrel, I've tripped several times trying to avoid her or the leash… so far I haven't gone down but I KNOW it's just a matter of time… she's so good the rest of the time (in the house & car too) that I almost think she deserves to catch a squirrel, just once, but then what would she do with it, eeww…

    back on topic… start out slower than usual tomorrow as you may have some residual soreness/stiffness from the fall… be careful out there!  😉

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