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    I think I was mentally defeated days before the race due to all the time off from a calf/ foot issue.  I really tried to mentally tell myself that I was strong and could do well but I do not think that I was successful. 
    As far as the race, I started out well enough running the first mile in 6:35 and thought to try to hold that pace for mile two to recover from the hills.  I was able to hold on and pass some runners.  At mile three, I got a side stitch – not bad enough to sideline me but it did make me think about it.  At this point, I only wanted to finish and do my best not to let anyone pass me.  I very slowly reeled in the group of two in front of me and as I passed around mile four, one tried to go with me but I kicked a bit and left him behind.
    I still had the side stitch but I was not going to let that make me fade.  I knew I was hurting a bit because I kept looking behind me worried that I was being caught from behind.  I was not being caught – I had a good lead on anyone behind me.
    I worked on the next guy ahead of me and it took a half mile to get and pass him.  Saw a female ahead next but she had a good size lead on me and not much distance to work on her.  So I figured, maintain what lead I had on the people behind me and hope that the stitch doesn't become a sidelining cramp.
    I was able to push pretty well after rounding that corner at the bottom of the hill and saw the clock at 33:xx I was very disappointed but pushed to the finish line.  I believe that my time was 33:10 which is over a minute slower than I wanted.
    I felt bad about the race for a couple days prior, felt bad the day of and those became a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    I will update this with the official results when I get them.

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    Nice effort there Ed!

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    Found the results.  Maybe the day was tough for more than just me.

    43rd out of 498.

    3rd in my age group way behind and I mean way behind 1st and 2nd.  BUT well ahead of 4th in my age group.

    I know I shouldn't care about this but – I was only beaten by two ladies, one younger than me by 11 years and the other younger by 23 years!

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    Ed, we need to work on your confidence. You need to be going into these races believing in yourself, not second guessing yourself. You're fit, you're ready. Race day is supposed to be the fun part, just going out and executing what you know you are prepared for.

    That said, good effort. Saturday morning was a tough day for running. I faded on my Saturday run and, with a wind out of the southwest, I'm guessing the lake even as close as you were to it didn't offer much help.

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    The lake didn't help much.  It was still very warm and very humid a lot of people performed poorly that day from comments I heard b ut that is no consolation for what I felt I should have done.  But – that is in the past! 

    I am moving beyond that race and looking towards Al's with some hungry eyes.

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    It should be some consolation. If everyone was a minute slower than their goals and you were a minute slower than your goal, what does that tell you? It wasn't a bad race. It was a good race in bad conditions.

    Stay hungry for Al's Run but also keep perspective. Especially in the summer, especially this crazy summer, time is just a number and it's sometimes as representative of what you had to overcome as it is of your abilities.

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    When race day arrives, it is what it is.  You can't worry about what you did or didn't do.  One should have a good idea what they can achieve
    and then go do it.  I don't try and set the table early.  This is important.  For a five mile race I really don't worry if I'm 10 seconds off or so either way.
    The big thing is finding the rhythm you need to power through the middle stages.  Then you set the table.  Just before 4 miles you have to know your going to be gassed.  You have to find someone, or a group and hang on.  The mind set is everyone is hurting so you have to determine how much hurt you can handle.  If I understand one thing it is I'm going to make a move.  Succeed or fail you have to gauge your Kentucky windage and air it out for the tape.
    Seldom do I feel dissappointed if I did my best with what I have and laid it on the line.  If I want to do better, obviously I would need to alter my training.

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