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    The Ice Age events begin next Saturday May 8th. The 50 mile kicks off at 6 AM and I believe the 50k is 8 AM. There is also a friendship relay, bringing the total participant levels to probably over 500 people. The 50k is part of the Montrail Cup Series and some of the best ultra runners will be on hand to dual it out. The overall point winners collect about $5,000 for winning the series.

    My inquiry has to do with anyone locally possibly coming out to crew a few of us. Mrs. Dehart has soccer to contend with while the old man is running in the woods. She won’t get there until the finish.

    Almost all the other dunderheads I know on this board locally are participating in the event. Pski, Cameron, Kooch, and myself are launching out on the 50 miler and Linser and LLL are doing the 50k.

    This can be a real fun event to be around. I think Pski has help, I know big Tom is helping Cameron and I believe Kooch may have the wife and kids out there, but that gets to be a handful to watch over. I and possibly another one of the top women could possibly use some help. Tania Pacev from Colorado is coming out and she could use a hand possibly.

    Having a crew is not necessary here. Plenty of well stocked aid stations, but my best runs anywhere usually come off a helper. It is nice when possible to truck on through, grab your bottle and get some hammer gel, etc. Zeke and Pski have both helped me immensely in the past, along with the better half.

    Things to consider. You wouldn’t need to be there until 7 AM as the first 9.2 miles loops back to the beginning. The other spots are fairly accessable and it’s no big deal if you miss them or not. It’s just nice seeing somebody with your “stuff” occasionally. They also have a great BBQ afterwards that most will attest to. If someone will help, the BBQ is on me, just let me know prior to, as I don’t typically carry cash when running.

    This is the event I look forward to every year. It is as big to me as Boston. It is difficult to not get sucked into trying it once you’ve played a part.

    Let me know if you have some free time.


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