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      So the running gods gave everyone racing this weekend perfect conditions: cool, dry, with a bit of wind.
      London was a great course with no major hills and great mix of road and riverside trail. An excellent opportunity to run a good marathon and possible PR, however it was not my day. A classic marathon mistake is pacing too fast during the early stages instead of being conservative and opting for a negative split if the opportunity and energy is there. So here it is:

      My plan was to run 8 X 5k at approx 4:00 to 4:15 pace with 1 minute walk breaks plus short breaks for fluids.

      The first half went well with quick recovery from the occasional uphills on the course. My time at the half was 1:27:34 which turned out to be 3 or 4 minutes too optimistic. Checking the results I noted the runners who passed me during the second half were generally at around 1:30 for the split and were maintaining their pace during the last miles.

      The second half was an out and back along the river trail west of downtown. You cross a bridge to the south side and go west to the trail entrance. After the 25 k break I started to feel like I was losing energy, not that I was going anerobic, but starting to get some serious muscle fatigue. At 30k went through some rough spots but got some relief from a long slight downhill slope on the trail next to the river and by going off the pavement on to the dirt track next to the path Got overtaken by 3 or 4 people during this stretch.

      35k to 40k was a hard slog returning up the long slope on the trail, started to get a little light-headed and deeper into the heavy leg fatigue, while getting passed by a few more runners. By the time I approached the bridge around 38 k I was fully into “running through molasses” territory. I kept going knowing I had a final break at 40k and then only 2k to the finish. Resumed running from the 40k point on Oxford east across the bridge but my memory is a blank until the final block around the park to the finish. Looked up from the finish mat and saw the 3:10 and then tried to keep it together to get the chip off and grab a medal.


      On paper 3:10 is a good time for my age group but I was aiming for better. My second half was 16 minutes(!) slower than the first and I dropped from 8th to 18th place. I may have paced too fast in the first half, or may have been better off running straight through with no breaks. Dehydration may have been a factor in the 2nd half due to the wind and dry temps, but the bottom line is that conditions were ideal so there are no excuses.

      On the positive side I did execute the race as planned, and avoided a DNF, and had a memorable race.
      The 3:10 is 3 minutes slower than my PR from my 20’s and the 1:27 for the half is 2 minutes slower than the PR from the same time, so I can still give my younger self some competition.

      Congrats to all who ran in London and achieved their goals.

               Final      Pace                                              Gender   Category                Half
      Place Time       km   #    Name              City             Plce/Tot Plce/Tot Category    Split
      18    3:10:39.5 4:32 190 POSTE, SCOTT NEWMARKET 16/181   5/42       Men 45 – 49 1:27:34.3

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      I may have paced too fast in the first half, or may have been better off running straight through with no breaks. Dehydration may have been a factor in the 2nd half due to the wind and dry temps…

      going out too fast is such a killer… but dehydration could be more of a factor than you'd think… great job on 'running through molasses'… sounds like you might need to practice folding the papercups & sucking down the water/gatorade on the run…

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      I'd have to agree with Rita. Dehydration can be a killer. Good job, though, on battling through a tough one. Better days will be ahead.

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      I think Ontario is on the same weather pattern as the midwest.  The wind wasn't much, but it was a warm wind from the South.  I went on a long run and circled home for more liquids and “still” had salt on my face and lost too much weight.

      wow, you were feeling bad at 35k and still took your break at 40k!!?!!  You must have some determination to get running again.

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