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    Whistlestop weekend in Ashland WI 10/14. The good news is that the snow should stop by Thursday. Right now the forecast calls for a high of 47 degrees, with the help of Lake Superior that's a real feel of 37 degrees.

    I'll take the cold weather over the swampfest of Grandma's.  Time to  dig out the gloves, hat & warm tights.  Very glad I opted for  the half  marathon this time around.

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    Now I gotta re-pack 

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    Well, especially up there, it's not nearly as bad as it could have been.

    Actually, given my preference of cool weather running, that forecast really doesn't look all that far from optimal to me. Hopefully, those of you who will be up there running appreciate cool weather as much as I do.

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    It was 47 at the start of Lakefront. I shed a long-sleeved top before the race began and kept the gloves only for the first few miles. I know what you mean by the lake effect, but it should warm up rather quickly, no?

    I would hesitate to wear tights. (Of course, I'm remembering wearing tights for the full Whistlestop marathon in '01, during which the rain was constant, and was miserable.)

    By all means, bring 'em just to be safe.

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    I'm a cool weather runner, just have to make sure the head and hands are warm.

    As long as the rain stays away it won't be bad. I've had the two extremes on my previous two trips up there-rain & cold one year & unseasonably hot & humid another.
    I'll have to look back to see what Green Bay temps were, it was cold in the a.m. & I was o.k. in shorts.  Tossed my l/s shirt around mile 6.

    I'll bring along a couple of clothing options & wait to see what Saturday a.m. looks like. 

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    Anne – have a great run on Saturday! Someday I'd like to run up there. Everyone who has run it has good things to say about it.

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    You better hope the winds don't turn the big snow machine on.  Places in the UP are expecting up to 2 FEET of snow.  YIKES!

    Good luck.  Winds should be westerly  ;D

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    The tights are going.  RealFeel at 9:00 a.m. is 19 degrees, 14 MPH winds from the west.  I like the cold but I don't want to expend extra energy trying to stay warm.

    My husband had planned to bring his bike & ride to the various spectator spots along the course, the bike will be staying home & he'll be driving the car to watch me, taunting me with his thermos of hot coffee.

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    maybe pack a couple of sandwich baggies.  Someone gave me this idea after I complained about cold tootsies from wearing my Asics that are all mesh in the toe region in a December race.  She said she covers her toes when its cold and windy.

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