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    Has any one run in the Fix Cities Marathon? I have looked at the elevation guide and it looks bad – is it bad or is the elevation guide deceptive? I am still a newby at running and a control freak so I quest for more than enough info about a race so that my training runs can start to reflect the race course. Is this overboard or just good planning? I also would like to know about fan support, any corraling and overall race organization. Yes much is available at the race web site but much of that is hype attempting to sell the race – I would like the opinion of a runner that ran the race.

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    Have you tried this?

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    Thanks for the info – but I was kind of hoping for some non-advertised by the marathon info as well. This does increase my excitement level about the marathon. So thanks again.

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    The runner comments are what I believe Magpie was directing you to. Marathon Guide isn’t sponsored by the marathon and pretty much anybody that wants to can leave their comments about any marathon they run. It is usually a good way to get a sense of the race.

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    Marathon Guide is actually a good source for unbiased comments on a race. I have seen rave reviews of some races and very harsh reviews of others. In fact, I have seen rave reviews and very harsh reviews of the same race. The nice thing about Marathon Guide is that you can get unbiased comments from those who have been there. Sure, someone who is affiliated with a race could drop in and give a glowing review but, if the race isn’t run well, the general trend of the comments will show that.

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