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    Well – this is the worst week for me in ages. Was up until 2:00 AM again doing homework for class and could not get up at 5:30 AM to do my run – I was exhausted. Maybe I’ll be able to get my run in after work – but I still feel nearly comatose at this time. Plus, I will be alone with my two year-old and I cannot take him out in the rain. And Saturday morning long run is out becuase I’ll still be alone with my two-year old. Oh well, lazy week for me. Hope others are not facing the same fate.

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    Friday is a usually my off day… instead of hitting the gym at lunch I go out with my husband for lunch… last night I was going to the track, convinced my kid (11) to come along, brought his bike ‘just in case’ and sure enough there was a soccer game so we ended up on the trail and did 6 miles (3 at pace, instead of the 2.5 expected)…

    I told him today I was going to just walk the dog, he said he’d come along… I’m thinking of the four mile loop around the blocks up to the grocery store so he can get an Arizona Ice tea, his favorite non-candy treat…

    Ed – years ago when my kids were little (I have two) and I was a single mom, I bought a treadmill just for weekends & long runs… the rule was that they could watch TV as long as I ran, so they encouraged me to train for a marathon (no joke)… the other part of the rule was they couldn’t fight or I quit running… THAT was great… no fights…

    so what can you do with your kid that would give you a work out… think stroller in the mall (okay, so it’s only walking) or pool jogging while carrying your kid, if you’re near a pool… time to get creative, jumping rope if you have a tall ceiling… have fun..

    good luck


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    Thanks for the ideas but I also have a project, numerous questions to answer, a threaded discussion and a private discussion session with my class instructor to deal with by Wednesday. Man am I overwhemlmed, thank goodness that this is my second to last class.

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    Amen on being thankful for the ending of class! This is Finals week for me and I’ve been swamped with papers, papers and more papers. I’ve done about five miles this week, total, and won’t be able to get on the road until tomorrow evening. I’m gonna have to pump out two eights in a row, I think. Gah.

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    My daughter just turned 3 and I’ve been pushing her in the baby jogger on weekends. She’s at the point where she doesn’t want to take a nap, however, she gets really grouchy at the end of the day. With the stroller, she’s asleep in about 5 minutes. Granted you can’t go as fast, but the effort is there.

    Tomorrow were going to do a 5 mile “race” then afterwards she’s going to do the Ducky Dash. It’s all she can talk about today.

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