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    Nothing yet this AM – was up until 2:00 AM doing school work – I will go tonight after the huge T-storms blast us today. I plan on going at least 5. What has been done, or what is planned for yaw’ll.

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    this is my official rest day… went out to lunch with my hubby, had a wonderful greek salad… this evening I get to tak my now 12 year old (happy birthday David) to lazer tag with three of his buddies, first they’ll have pizza and afterwards we’ll stop at McD’s for McFlurries, no cake, no gifts, no hoopla per instructions… according to my now 12 year old that’s just not “cool”… whatever…

    tomorrow is my (cut back week) long run, only eight miles but with the paced picked up, actually it’ll be easy since it’s at the pace I hit most of the miles last week on my long (longer) run…


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    I got three of the five I wanted, primarily because I went looking for a route to run. What I came up with is a relatively flat course around the local high school that I estimate is 75% of one mile based on the time it took me to run it, factoring in some variables. The primary advanatge I see here is that it’s mostly grass… easier on the knees. Now that I know what I’m working with, I’m looking to get my six in tomorrow.

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