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    After a long period of coveting a Garmin 305, I finally bought one for $206 after rebates on  I will tell you that it may be the best thing to pull me out of my Post Boston Marathon Depression Syndrome.  As I waited for this device to arrive – I found myself “training” to improve the results that it may point out to me once I received it.  Well last night it arrived and I took it for a spin on a 4 mile out and back that I frequent for recovery runs.  On this particular day however, this was not recovery run – I needed to perform well to prove to my new Garmin how good I was.  Anyway – here are my initial thoughts on the thing:

    My 4 mile out and back measures 4 miles by car, 3.88 miles most of the time by Nike+IPOD, and 4.1 miles by Garmin.

    HR measurement seemed to be on par with my Polar S200. 

    Interestingly, and as stated on many reviews, my total elevation change outbound was greater than my elevation change inbound – so that part is not very useful.  i know that I am going up hill and downhill – so if the device can only tell me that then it is not useful in that regard.

    My indicated “real-time” pace seemed faster than actual – but in the end it averaged out to be about right.

    The MotionBased Software is really cool.  HR Zones are pre-staged and displayed well on graphs and charts, the weather conditions are included with the run data, the mapping software is great, and it is all easy to use. 

    Will post future findings as they come up.

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    interesting.  I use the garmin 301 and I have run with my husband on occasion.  He used to have the NIke SPD (has to be calibrated) and now uses the timex ironman (satellite), when we run together, his pace shows faster and we end up further.  I've gotten in the habit of always lapping my first mile, no matter what my garmin says, at a known 1 mile marker……and now our numbers match very closely.  My friends have said the 305 has a less delay, maybe time to update.

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    My 4 mile out and back measures 4 miles by car, 3.88 miles most of the time by Nike+IPOD, and 4.1 miles by Garmin.

    with all the many posts from people who say a certified course is “too long” because their Garmin said so, I find this really interesting… and except for WR attempts I really don't care… I also can't believe that most of us have our training down to the hundreths of anything… but I do understand that these gadgets can be entertaining… have fun with your new toy, if it motivates you it is a good thing…

    my Post-Boston thing is a case of PF, wonder if a Garmin would help that (joking, so far massage & acupuncture is doing a good job)

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    i've gotta look into that motion based software…the standard software that garmin gives isn't all that great.

    i'm with you on that post-Boston-funk.  i ran a 30K 12 days post boston to try and shake it.  it's tough to explain.  still having a tough time to motivate myself to get up and run in the AM.

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    The good:  I am still infatuated by this device.  I can run on unmarked trails and have a reasonably good sense for time and distance.  When I get home, I can upload to and see my trail runs on satellite maps and get a better feel for my orientation on future runs in the woods.

    The bad:  It turns off occasionally without explanation  – i may need to send it in for a replacement.

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    I just spent three days in Harrisburg, PA – no offense but not my kind of place. Anyway, the Garmin allowed me to avoid asking the consierge or the registration assistant for advice on where to run – I put the thing on, acquired a satellite, and just ran…I knew at all times how far and how fast i had gone – and although I do not know how to use it yet – there is a “back to Start” feature to help me get back to the hotel if i were to get lost.  Unlike my Polar – it stores multiple runs – so i did not have to log anything in my book before using it again – and when I got home it uploaded to automatically and mapped my runs in Harrisburg.  The thing is awesome.  Still a big fan.

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