Gebrselassie takes fourth Berlin Marathon title

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    Video and photo links within.

    Glad I did not bother getting up at 1 a.m. my time to watch this live.

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    unsettling that on the headline is that Geb FADED to a 2:06 and change… okay, so he the current WR holder, was on pace for a better time… but difficult to comprehend that a 2:06 and the word 'faded' can be used in the same sentence…

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    He brings it on himself by saying things like “2:02” prior to the race:
    ATHLETICS – Gebreselassie

    (I have no idea why they would list him as a 200m competitor in the Olympics.)
    Given given my criticism for ducking competition in the marathon, I should give my humble congratulations for defeating a legit field today. 

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    Indeed, I wasn't sure how he was going to do against this quality field. Hats off to him for performing against a strong field.

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    It was a good beating too 😉

    The next finisher was nearly a minute back!

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    Gebrselassie broke his main challenger in the race, Duncan Kibet dropped out around 30K, and Kiprop set a significant PR to finish 2nd.  Sammy Korir was nowhere to be seen and Fujita was far from PR form.

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    Geb's finish time was the 9th fastest this year, but the slowest of his career!

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    actually no, he did 2:09 in london in 2006.

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    He also ran Fukuoka in 2:06:52 and his debut in London was 2:06:35. Neither of these are weak but both are a bit slower than what he ran in Berlin this past weekend.

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    i d like to see him at new york or boston competing with the bigs, and racing in a hard course, i think that he broke sufficient records already. i d like to see him defeat lel, wanjiru, goumri, gharib in the same race. that would be a great race, indeed.

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    I think a lot of us would like to see that and it would be a great race. Unfortunately, what does Geb have to gain by doing something like that? Honestly, at this point in his career, the risk of finishing 5th or worse is greater than the potential benefit. He's at the point in his career where it just makes the most sense for him to keep chasing records mostly while facing subpar competition.

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