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      If you notice anything different on here (or if you notice any intermittent performance issues over the weekends and/or evenings) it’s probably because I’m attempting to get very aggressive with spammers.

      As anyone who is on the Internet knows, spammers are a real pain. On any website but especially one that has a few top listings on Google and has been around for as long as this site, there’s a constant battle, if not war, going on. I have evidence that thousands of accounts on were spam accounts and that there are hundreds of attempted attacks daily.

      While I feel I’ve done a pretty good job of insulating you from that spam, I do think it’s taking a toll on the website and I’m simply fed up with dealing with the spam myself. So I’m getting more aggressive. If you run into any usability problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. However, I hope the changes I’m making will actually make more usable for legitimate users overall.

      To keep things short, I’ll just say that I’ve put in place extra tools to keep spammers at bay and I’m in the process of incrementally deleting the accounts that appear to be nothing but spam attempts. The tools are set to aggressively monitor things currently so it’s possible they may pick up some false positives but I have things set so you should be able to get around them. Again, if you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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