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    This morning I ran a 5 mile time trial, to gauge my fitness level for Crazylegs next week. 2 weeks ago I ran 31:20, and I was hoping to be able to run 6 minute pace or better on the 30th, so I figured splitting the difference today would be good (30:40). Was I in for some shock and awe!

    1st mile – 5:54 Was downhill, against a slight wind – felt really smooth

    2nd mile – 5:50 With the wind, again felt great

    3rd mile – 5:56 Still with the wind, starting to work here

    4th mile – 6:05 Turned around, against the wind, knew I slowed a bit

    5th mile – 5:51 Really pushing, wanted now to be greedy and go under 30, yes!

    So a 29:36, makes me think I should perhaps reconsider my goals for next Saturday, ya think?

    Best part about it, aside from unplanned time trials, I am doing no speedwork at all, and this is the fastest I’ve run in 2 years, and that was a 5K in 18:05. makes me excited about racing some this summer!

    See you on the 30th (who exactly besides Ryan will be there?)

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    Peter, it sounds like some time focusing on the base is paying off in big ways. As for me, I registered online yesterday so it looks like I better show up. Like you, I wasn’t knowing what to expect but, also off nothing but base training, I put up 40 miles in 2 days last week averaging 6:20-something pace, finishing off with a 12 miler at 6:09 pace. Assuming I’m not dead on my feet on the 30th, I guess going under 6:00 pace shouldn’t be too difficult for me either.

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    How the hell did you do that on less than 50 mpw? I’d bet you can run close to a minute faster in a race.

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    Zeke wrote:
    How the hell did you do that on less than 50 mpw? I’d bet you can run close to a minute faster in a race.

    Actually, my last 5 weeks have been 52, 49, 53, 47 and 45 so far this week (in 5 days!)

    I’ve got a pipe dream that says 28:40 is possible. I’ve always had the leg speed, it’s just sustaining it that’s been the problem. And as far as those pace calculators go, my drops like a rock after 10K. I want to be able to get a good 1/2 marathon at the end of next month to give me confidence going into my sumer training for Chicago. Right now I’m hoping for 1:25 or better.

    Ryan – I’m registerering later today. Next week let’s set up a tenative plan to meet either before or (definitely) after. I’ll most likely be parking btwn the Kohl Center (packet pickup) and Camp Randall (finish). Talk to you later…

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