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    Copycat topic of one I saw on another message board recently.  Ryan's affiliate deals usually yield good deals, yet they may not always be the best price to be found for what one seeks.  Anyone else have favorite on-line stores for deals?

    My usual suspects: (get on their email list, they regularly send out 'coupons' that sweeten deals that are already quite good)
    That last one is rather interesting.  According to the person who shared it with me: “They not only have fantastic deals, they use minimal packaging, they offer free shipping, and they give a portion of their proceeds to charity as well as give a few days of each year to their employees so they can work for a charity. Pretty nifty.”

    Typically, though, if I am seeking a specific shoe then I will just do a google shopping search and order the results from low price to high.

    Then again, I can get 19% off MSRP at a local running store, so unless I find the shoe for significantly less (price + shipping) than that then I buy from the local guys and keep more of the money I spend in the pockets of local business owners and employees and in the local tax-base, which benefits public parkland (open space) and trails.

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    Just a note, if you're going to use GTF's first recommendation (Holabird), please consider using this link.

    I have to admit that I bought from Holabird even before they offered an affiliate program. As soon as they offered the program, I signed up. Now, you can take advantage of the great deals available at Holabird and support at the same time.

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    This one is pretty random, and kind of hit or miss with the sizes, but if you hit it can be REALLY cheap.

    Last year I picked up a pair of Mizuno XC spikes for $9.95

    Check out the close out section

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    For racing shoes, is really good, too.

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    I have a lot of success with  Joining the VIP is worth it, buy five pair, get  a freebie. 

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